Monday, January 30, 2012

How hard can it be?

Train trip from Oslo to Bergen 

Lenny sent me details of this great game for the iPad – for cats – but things being what they are in Mac World I have not found a way to download it.

I can download the free version which gives me the laser but I am not going to have my cats chasing a fake laser - I want them to chase  a fake mouse – and of course the mouse costs money – although not much – and this itself is not a problem except that you can only download the free versions from Apple stores and then have to buy the mouse version online.

Well – I have to do this from the Apple store in Austria – through my iPad  – and here we have struck a snag.

I don’t know why but I am working on it. The solution could take any time from days to years so I have told Sissi it will probably be a birthday present – and in any event it is a fake mouse so why would she care.

I spent some time on the weekend wondering why ‘Find my iPhone’ and ‘Find my iPad’ were not working in my iMac.

These are wonderful little bits of software that allow you to find your iPhone and iPad if you lose them – and lock them if you want to – or send a message to the screen. Well – they are wonderful if they work.

I mislaid my iPhone on the weekend and I thought it was in the house but to make sure I went to ‘Find my iPhone’ and there it told me it was not operating. Brilliant. Apparently when I changed to the newfangled iCloud thingy it turned off the find thingy.  

So I fiddled about for an hour or so and then went to Mac Forums like I should have done in the first place and solved the problem in seconds.

Today I cooked a new dish for the first time - from a Bill Granger cookbook. It is Lamb Biryani – or it was when it was ready - but it was prehistoric Lamb Biryani with crusty rice when Cate got home.

On Thursday I am going to help Frau Knickerbocker put together a wardrobe she bought from Ikea. It has utterly defeated her and she was almost in tears at today’s lesson explaining the impossibility of comprehending the sliding door plans provided by the manufacturer. 

Well I can just imagine. It is the stuff of nightmares.

Now I am not much good at this myself - as I demonstrated very clearly early in our Viennese days when I was foolish enough to buy things and put them together.

It took me three days to build three cupboards and I hung the doors upside down. You think I am joking but I am not. These are three cupboards  – the tallest no more than one metre – and it took me three full days to build them.

But Frau Knickerbocker just has sliding doors. How hard can it be? 


  1. I read down through a lamb biryani recipe, so I think I'll try a Chicken Almost Biryani.

    WordVeri: bourb - its what you get when you leave off the on of bourbon. It is also what a bomb looks like when it fizzles and the m just rearranges to a ur without damaging the outer container, well, it is stretched a little from 4 letters to 5.

  2. LOL if you get really stuck I can send my husband over to help put the cupboard together - he is a whizz at putting IKEA stuff together (and anything else that we get that is flat packed !!!)

    Good luck - can't wait to read the post about how it went.


  3. The best meal I had in Queenstown many years ago was a prawn biryani and I've not had a biryani to match it since. I admire your efforts, my biryani was pretty awful when I tried to make it. When Pam and I go over in a few weeks, I'll be trying to find that Indian Restaurant.

  4. PS: love that photo, so wintery and windswept.

  5. esb: I was not as good as I thought it should have been - sort of missing something.

    Me: I may need him (or esb) or Indeed Laura

    Sandy: See comment to esb. I need to ry another recipe. Thanks for the comment about the photo - taken by cate from a train window with a baby camera.

  6. You're so brave. The last time I tried putting together furniture I bought from Ikea, the instructions didn't even have words. It was all single letters/numbers with pictures and arrows. At least there were two of us working on assembling the item so I didn't feel alone in my confusion. The added bonus to Ikea furniture is how it has the spirit of giving. I keep finding little locking mechanisms that are supposed to hold screws in place in random locations on the floor. I'm sure that spells disaster in the near future as I can't locate where they've come from in the furniture to replace them. Surely, at some point soon I will have furniture falling to pieces and landing on top of me.