Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snow and ice at last

Trondheim was quite special – and had snow. Well – none fell but there was a bit lying around. There was also lots of ice on the footpaths and I of course managed to fall over – narrowly avoiding doing this on my camera.

Thinking ‘Huskies’, ‘broken ribs’ and ‘smashed cameras’ as my feet slipped from under me I grabbed my camera and flung it to the side. Fortunately it was tethered to me by a strap – and I nursed it as I fell – taking the hit on my thigh.

So we boarded the ‘Nordnorge’ which is the biggest and newest of the Hurtigruten fleet. There should have be about 50 of us but one of the other boats broke down so we have been joined by about 200 Germans – oh goody.

But for some reason we were upgraded and have cabins on an upper deck – and they are really quite nice.

It’s a bonzer boat but you can’t get an espresso coffee until the bar opens at 2:30 PM and until then you have to drink the brown sludge.

A decent bottle of wine costs €95.

You can tell the new passengers on board after each stop – they are the ones looking vacantly at the wine list and dribbling. 

The scenery is just stunning – never seen anything like it.

It is getting colder and frostier as we move north. We moved into the arctic circle this morning – but we still have not seen snow falling from the sky - and may not while we are on the boat.
Tomorrow night we are going on a Snowmobile Safari for 2.5 hours into the wilderness. What an opportunity for complete mayhem. I will not be carrying a camera. 


  1. Badger: no doing any of this please.

  2. Glad there was minimal or no damage to you to report from your ice falling, especially that the camera is okay.

  3. Badger. Did I by any chance receive a phone call from you during your chess game? Could have sworn some very pissed people were calling me from Sweeden. Llamaxxx

  4. Relieved no broken ribs. (And no broken camera, but sorry that it will not be accompanying you on your snow safari.)

  5. Good luck Badger! Glad you weren't seriously hurt by your fall and that your camera was protected.

  6. Sounds like you are having a great time !!!! Enjoy !

  7. I am impressed with the upgrade. Hope you see spectacular sights.

  8. Today's Word Veri: reall - Norwegian for 'decent', honest, thats the real word I got today, checked it with Google Translate.

  9. Oh f*ck. Not snow mobiles...

  10. At least you don't seem to be having any trouble getting online at the moment – one of the problems you usually encounter on your travels.

  11. SK Waller: I am saving myself for you dear I will be extra careful

    nzm: No we will be very sedate

    esb: I was more worried about it than me.

    Llama: It is possible but no one can remember

    Merricks: We will have a baby camera - but it will be night time so not sure what we will come up with

  12. SymbioticLife: Thanks - god looks after his children.

    Me: Thanks to you too. We are indeed.

    fmcgmccllc: Never seen anything like it!

  13. esb: The perfect description for us esb.

    lenny: I promise to be careful my son.

    viennesewaltz: no - Norwegians are all online

  14. Badger! Do be careful! Or is it time to invest in a chaperone and one of these for you?

  15. smedette: I will be well supervised -and soon I will have a zimmer frame which will be just as effective