Saturday, January 7, 2012

As far north as you can go

More magic yesterday when we visited the North Cape which is the northerly most point on the continent.

We took a bus trip through falling snow for about half an hour to the North Cape (71° 10’ 21”) where we were able to play in the falling snow and in massive snow drifts.

In the evening we had the Snow Safari which was actually a journey between two towns. This was more exciting and terrifying than I had imagined it would be and although I did manage to fall off a snowmobile it was not mine.

These things are beasts and it is easy to fly off the track – which Cate did – and got beached on a hillock.

In an attempt to rescue her I managed to overturn her machine and ended up upside down in the snow – but surprisingly the machine did not roll on top of me and crush me into oblivion. God loves me.

Contrary to my assertion that the snowmobiles would be governed as to speed – they were not - and our guide assured us that they easily do 120 kph if we wanted them to.

I am sure I got close to this on a couple of occasions when I panicked and attempted to brake but accelerated instead.

It was a maniacal experience punctuated by bouts of breathtaking beauty when we stopped in the semi-arctic wilderness to soak up the darkened landscape and look for the northern lights – which we did not see on this occasion.

Today we are Kirkenes and are just about to go on a Husky Safari. Cate will be driving – I will be a passenger. You can’t expect God to look after me two days running what with everything that is happening in the world.


  1. You'll be ok.

    God is keeping you around for the laughs and entertainment that you give to him - and us.

  2. Maybe its an Andy Warhol type time limit and you got 15 hours of God's undivided attention instead of 15 minutes of fame. Hope the dogs are good to you and Cate is a very good driver. We are s'pposed to get a much colder weekend down in the high 20s after getting to about 70 day before yesterday. Hope your Jamesons supply is adequate.

  3. oh my heck, so much fun! glad you're okay, and the husky adventure sounds like a dream. well, because they're a favorite type of dog. :D

  4. I'd be careful with God character if I were you. He's a fickle sort. One minute He's overturning you into a fluffy snowdrift and the next, He's tossing you into the abyss; where reward and punishment are concerned He's a bit unpredictable.

    Sounds like you're having a great time! All we're doing around here is vacuuming up dead Christmas tree needles.

  5. Maybe God wants to spare you for your meeting with father Christmas - he should be around up there, no (Father Christmas, not God...) ? Anyway, have fun and return - to the extent possible and circumstances permitting - in one piece.

  6. The snowmobile sounds like fun - it is one of the things of things t do n Canada for us. I hope God isn't too busy on the day we do it !

  7. I enjoy reading your blog

  8. I know I keep saying the same thing, but that picture is gorgeous. Great eye.

  9. The end of the earth-Norway is a fascinating place.

  10. Here I am trussed up like a Christmas turkey and away for a few weeks and I drop in and you continue to explore the world!

    I am jealous, frustrated and delighted. Looks like you are having a top few weeks Badge!!

  11. You are blessed. You just have a few little things to contend with, like migraines and broken ribs. The rest of us are in awe from the safety of our hum drum lives. Well I am. I shouldn't speak for the rest of them. Continue to enjoy and entertain me. Live long and prosper.

  12. nzm: I am sure have has a higher purpose for me. I made it back safely.

    esb: We made a dent in the Jamesons but had enough to get us through.

    carmar76: The Huskies were a lot of fun.

    SK Waller: I am bering very careful about those abysses.

    David: WE did not see father Christmas this time - we went past his town in Finland last year - but we saw a lot of his reindeer and ate quite a few.

    Me: be careful: I am not all that sure that God cares much about snowmobilers - they were not invented when he was.

    I miss Macau: Thanks

    fmcgmccllc: Thanks for that.

    esb: It certainly is; But we found all of Scandinavia quite amazing.

    Simon: Sorry about that mate. Thanks for your good wishes.

    Sandy: I am indeed blessed - thanks for your good wishes