Thursday, November 24, 2011

It does have some potential

Bedroom with outdoor cupboard on right

Well we did find a few ducks yesterday on the canal near Jaures Metro station. This is near where Molly’s friend Andy lives. They were not the best looking ducks I have ever seen and they did not put on much of a show for us so I have not put a photo on the blog.

Today I moved into the KUBE hotel. This was entirely as expected. I arrived at midday and completed all the formalities including filling in forms and producing passports and credit cards and was told to come back at check-in in time – which was 3.00 PM.

So I wandered around the area which is very cosmopolitan. I am quite familiar with it because I always walk around here when I stay with Molly. It is very African and Arabic and full of strange sights. It is still the 18th Arrondissement  – but the opposite side to where Molly lives.

At 3.00 PM there was no one on reception but after a while a new man appeared who could not believe that I had already checked in – and for a long time could find no evidence of my having done so – so we did the passport – credit card thing again and then he took me to my room where we did the finger recognition reader on the door thing. The fingerprint thing is the only way you can get into your room. You can imagine how much confidence I have in this working properly.

The room is certainly funky – do they still use that word? It is certainly also the most impractical hotel room I have ever been in and seems to have been stripped clean of lights and power points.

I am using my Mac on a tiny desk in a darkened corner. The nearest light is three metres away. There is no power point within three metres but I have taken the glass top off the entertainment console – which contains a sound system and DVD player – and am using the power point in there.

There is no chair for the desk but there is a little wobbly glass topped stool and if I take a wide stance I can balance precariously on that – but need to take regular breaks because it is not built for comfort.

There is no cupboard in the room but there is a coat rack with some glass beaded hangers. The upside of this is that we will be close to our coats and can keep an eye on them during the evening.

Business Centre
The bed – at first glance – seems to be large and comfortable.

And – importantly – we seem to be at the extremity of the hotel and well away from where I think the noise is made in The Ice Kube at night. I have no interest in this unless I am the one making the noise.

Despite its potential shortcomings I like it a lot.


  1. yep, i think funky is a good word for that room! perhaps you're only supposed to be there for sleep, and of course visiting the Ice Kube & then ... well, sleeping that off.

  2. LOL at your internet / computer arrangement. I have only travelled a little bit but had to laugh at your description of lack of power points and lights because that has happened to me before. And the lack of seating also made me smile - we have had to balance computers on top of suitcases sitting on the bed trying to be able to work on our computer. Travelling really does broaden your mind and your inventiveness !

    Have a great day !

  3. You use an external mouse?

    Look - hhhhhhhhggggggggggggg
    New keyboard!

  4. I stayed in a similar hotel.. the little glass shelf in the bathroom looked funky but every thing would slide off it over a period of a few hours.... despite its shortcomings I liked it a lot as well

  5. I think it is time for a book, Badger's Funky Hotel Picks, how do you find these places?

  6. carmar76: Yes it is meant only for sleeping

    Me: I really should know better by now

    freefalling: I am just no go with the pad thingies. An congratulations.

    fmcgmccllc: It is a special knack. I wish I di not have it. So does Cate.