Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If you come to Vienna I will take you

Friedhof der Namenlosen and my daughter Molly

It’s a public holiday today for All Saints Day – as it is in many countries – and as christians Cate and I are taking a well deserved day off. Well I am – Cate is working – and is not happy about it. Some people just never give her a break.

When I say we are christian – we have a christian view of the world in that we generally wish people no harm (there are a few exceptions), are fond of animals (mainly cats – although Cate always has an apple in her bag in case she sees a horse) and always recycle our bottles.

Now we don’t worship any particular deities but we don’t think that should deny us the benefit of days off - because we have so many other redeeming features. Besides – we believe in so many other things – that should count for something. And we are really good people.

On this particular day the Viennese swarm all over the cemeteries with flowers and candles. A particularly popular spot is the Friedhof der Namenlosen  which is a tiny and very obscure cemetery hidden away on the outskirts of Vienna. I have been there many times.

It is not more than about 100 square metres and contains only about (I am guessing – 100 graves) most of which – as the name of the cemetery implies – are of persons unknown. It is a must see if you come to Vienna – but it is not easy to get to. But I will take you.
And here are the photos of the Delft pottery and German crystal. The Delft jar is 27cm tall and the largest candlestick is 31cm tall.


  1. If I come to vienna you can certainly take me there, then to a cake shop, and then to a bar. done!

  2. Ooh, I love the jar. It is gorgeous. Will look forward to a trip to the cemetery when I come visit.

  3. Glen: I will take you to the bar first - the we need not worry about the rest.

    Wanderlust: And there are lots of other places I can show a girl from your part of the world - plus a few bars.

  4. And those candlesticks are pretty stunning too.

  5. Merricks: They look better than my photograph.

    fmcgmccllc: My pleasure.

  6. You'll be known around Vienna as the guy who takes the girls to the cemetery! (May i mention that I visited a cemetery by the seaside in Corsica?)

  7. Merisi: I hope you got some photos - of course you did!

    Simon: And I have a special treat for you.