Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I appear to be a mass plant murderer

Cate is in Johannesburg today and has finished the job she had to do early. She went with Hermann and another colleague to a Lion Park where she was mauled by a small Lion. She said it was very cute and she did not mind at all being mauled – and it was probably not really a mauling – more a sharp pawing. So she has been patched up and is on her way home - and tomorrow we leave for Berlin.

I have heard nothing from the printer cartridge people – well that is not quite true – they have sent me some email information about some more products that I could buy and that they could send to Australia – but I guess that they have lost interest in the stuff that I bought and that I will not hear from them again about that for a while – if ever.

I will ask Rozalin to speak to them in  a week or so to see if she can muster any enthusiasm on their part – but I think she will be struggling. There is no point in my trying because you can see their standard of English – and my German is worse.

I have broken all previous records for killing the plants on the terrace. One of these was just a pathetic weakling and has thrown in the town completely and turned brown. What a wimp. The other one is no navy SEAL and is certainly on the way out – but may last another month.

This is not for lack of care. I have loved them and nurtured them like they were my own children – which of course they are. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but it is obviously something serious and I am expecting a visit from the Royal Horticultural Society revoking my rights to have plants of any description under my care. 
One of the problems is of course is that I know nothing about plants. To me a plant is a plant. You plant it and – it grows – or it dies – it can make the choice as far as I am concerned.

These two have made the choice and next year - if I am allowed - I will give another two the same opportunity.

Cate says she wants another two this summer.  I say what would be the point of this? What am I – a mass plant murderer? They will have a picture of me near the Kassa in Dehner. There he is! Killer! Don’t sell him any plants!

The photos are from our courtyards. There are two leading out to our building entrance in Am Heumarkt - which means literally ‘in the Hay Market’. So many years ago our street was probably where the hay market in Vienna was - or not – I have learned that these names do not always mean what they seem to mean and as all the history books are in German well….you know. As always - click to embigiate. 

I will probably report from Berlin where we will be for the next five days.


  1. There is ye olde mint at Heumarkt - wonder if that has anything to do with the hay market. After all, "Geld wie Heu" means "money galore".

    Are the cartridge people in Berlin, perchance? Imagine you showing up there, what a scene! ;-)

  2. Maybe you should a Cast Iron Plant or Pothos? Both are practically indestructible, but that seems like I'm issuing a challenge to you.

  3. Be patient¡¡ Plants are plants and don't live for ever. Here in Spain, we are worried about the pretty and healthy spanish cucumbers...

  4. I used to tell people that I didn't really raise orchids, I ever so slowly killed them. But I have failed to kill the latest one, it has grown new branches which I have never achieved before, along with roots and flowers which I have had in the past. My favorite things to grow are pineapple plants, so far just the leaves, no fruit yet. I use a warm spot by the back door that has nice sunlight later in the day, and I use rain water with a tiny amount of fertilizer. Rain water is the secret.

  5. I can't believe it's you that's killing the plants. Surely it must be an over-attentive Sissy, climbing all over them, breaking their branches and leaving xxxx in the pot? Or even Monika may venture out onto your balcony to relieve herself en plein air?

    I'm with you, though. Plants in my care either grow or die.

    Molly, next door, is very quick to remove any plant that looks like it's dying, rarely giving them a second chance. It's shape up or you're compost, so far as she's concerned :-)

    Enjoy Berlin...

  6. Merisi: I will need money galore to pay for plants and printer ink. Nowhere near Berlin!

    smedette: I am thinking plastic!

    Laura: For ever no. But a month?

    esbboston: Ours have plenty of rain water - but I fear too much sun.

    Annie: No the cats have shown no interest. I think it is just too damn hot. I will buy hardier ones - perhaps cacti!

  7. I definitely have what I call a "black thumb", apparently I missed the green thumb gene from my mother who is a master gardner. There is a fabulous store in the states called the Hobby Lobby, they offer a variety of real looking fake plants! It's genius really, they don't need water, always look nice and can't die! I'm stopping by there today to pick up quite a few to finish up the pots on the back patio, then I'm going to sit back and have a cocktail and enjoy the scenery! :)

  8. Cheers; I think I am going to give real plants one more try.