Monday, February 7, 2011

Well that’s it then

I wish!

Well that’s it then. 

We invited Liz and Darryl to Vienna so they could frolic in the snow and we now have what amounts to a heat wave. 

We just had an email from them saying they have their snows boot and cold weather gear and we are practically baking here.  It was +15 yesterday in Vienna. +15! They arrive next Saturday. 

The poor dears have endured floods, cyclones and heat waves in their native Queensland in recent weeks and they will come here to see what?  

The sparse remains of kitty litter in the streets and the very occasional dollop of frozen snow lying in isolated spots where the sun has not yet penetrated.

The Ducks are paddling about in Stadtpark preparing to make Duckettes. Viennese are doing for them what passes for gamboling in the streets. 

We went to Semmering on Sunday to see if there was some snow there. This is somewhere we could take the close to Vienna.  Well – there is – but not much and there will certainly not be any when we get back from France in two weeks time. They are practically skiing on grass now. How depressing.

I will spray ‘Santa Snow’ on their bedroom windows here so that when they wake up they will think for a minute it has been snowing.

I will pray to the Snow Fairy for one last burst of white stuff just so that Liz and Darryl can see Vienna in all its white glory – and I can get rid of some of the massive pile of firewood I still have in the lounge room in anticipation of a long, cold, white winter. Bah! Humbug!


  1. How long would it take you to drive them to an alp?

  2. You can drive in two and half hour to Ramsau, Styria, and to take a gondola ride up to the
    Dachstein Glacier. From the upper station you can take a beautiful hike up to the Alpine hut by the Nordwand, all the while enjoying a view of what must be a hundred mountain peaks or more - so weit das Auge reicht. And would you believe it, they Alpenhütte up there sells very good Coffee Melange and Schnapps! :-)

  3. P.S.:
    Monday morning my spelling as at its worst.
    (That gun down there is also a bit einschüchternd!)

  4. Cheer up! Vienna has a 60% chance of snow on Sunday!

  5. Maalie: I could get them to a bunch of Alps in a few hours. But there may be snow in your birding area.

    Merisi: Quite so: There will certainly be snow there:

    Merisi: All guns are too me!

    SK Waller: Ha!

  6. Every time you pray for snow we get dumped on in the midwest. Though apparently you didn't pray hard enough because schools were still open today, much to my kids' disappointment. They've asked you to concentrate harder next week. Thx!