Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is it

This is what Cate has decided not to do next. 

She has wanted not to do this for ages and the time seems just right so she sent me out on a mission to find a Digital Piano.

I spoke at length to Helmut at  Wiener Musik Haus and he convinced me that the Kawai CN 23 was perfect for someone who may lose interest after a few days as it was so nice to look at and could double as a desk – as it will be in Cates’ study.

It was also immensely robust and could stand up to any amount of not being played.

I ran this by Cate and she gave me the go ahead – and it is being delivered today.

I made sure that Helmut demonstrated the efficacy of the Headphones and the muting buttons on the Kawai.

Yes. Cate can play as LOUD as she likes and I can hear NOTHING!

Cate may be quite good at this. Her sister Liz was quite good but as she was taught but Nuns in a Catholic institution can only play now if someone sits next to her and thumps her over the knuckles with a metal ruler after every few notes.

This sort of ruled out a career as a concert pianist and has affected her outlook on religion as well.


  1. Cate doesn't even have to go out not to do it! But the piano will stand in her office and glower at her. Surely you'll have to procure a cover for it?

    Is it like a pianola? Will it play for her? So all she has to do is pretend, rather like Geoffrey Rush in Shine?

    I'm very glad this testing time for you has come to a satisfactory conclusion :-)

  2. Surely virtuoso for iPad would've been a much more reasonable purchase? Only $12 and has a much smaller footprint. But then again Cate doesn't (not) do things by halves.

  3. I hope the three of you (plus cats) will be very happy together

  4. Annie: A cover? No she will cover it with files.

    lenny: Much to cheap.

    Jessica: Precisely.

    Maalie: As long as it stays silent.