Thursday, February 3, 2011

A small one was enough for me!

I have only been through one cyclone in Queensland – that was in Townsville in 2000. It was (I think)  a Category 3 that weakened to a category 1 by the time it reached Townsville. 

Even so it left quite a trail for destruction behind it and we were without power for a week. It took me a day to get the Banana trees out of the pool.

The man from Ergon Energy said that he could not send his men out to repair the power lines because it was wet and windy. Er…..well…yes …we just had a cyclone – it will be wet and windy for days. Perhaps they did  not have raincoats and galoshes.

Anyway the shrieking, roaring monster that hit the Queensland coast last night Vienna time was a category 5 which is too scary to describe. I have a Proxy Server which enabled me to watch ABC News 24 live out of Australia so I could watch the drama unfold and I could also watch all the Twitter messages.

My favorite story of the night was the one of the six people in their 60s who were in the home unit in Port Hinchinbrook. They had decided to tough it out and not evacuated but when the cyclone hit they realized that they had made a terrible mistake and called the police for help. Only someone who knew nothing about cyclones would first of all stay put when advised to evacuate and then secondly expect that anyone could move outside to help them once it hit.

'Yes ma'am we will just fire up the Hummer and get right round there and bring you around to our underground concrete bunker and give you some hot cocoa and you can watch Avatar while we make you some Bacon and Eggs'. 

There was lots of praying going on and this always works a treat. I mean – people prayed when the floods came - and then the water went away – see prayer works!

Anyway – all this apocalyptic stuff is a clear sign to me the god hates women. We have a female Prime Minister, a female Premier in Queensland, a female Governor in Queensland and a female Governor General in Australia. 

It’s all too much. God wants this to stop and until it does he is going to keep sending floods and stuff and letting the English win the Ashes. You have been warned.

Or it might just be because that steaming bone-headed, bat-eared nincompoop  Tony Abbott is the Leader of the Opposition. What a Dickwit!  PLease donate do that we do not have to have a Flood Levy! Is he advised by Humphrey B Bear or are his ideas his own?
Incidentally - there was apparently some concern that when I was in Cumbria Cate was 'Home Alone'. This was not the case. How would she live on Vegemite Toast for a week? How would she get too and from work? Who would iron her clothes. I mean....really! She was in Turkey. 


  1. Yes, the Queenslanders have certainly had a dreadful time recently. Those further down the Murray-Darling are apparantly happy that their rivers now have water in them and the Murray Cod is back.

  2. Badger, I think you omitted to mention that their Monarch is also a woman.

  3. Maalie: But Maalie, The Queen is the head of the Church, surely god could not be unhappy about that...oh mean....gasp....