Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OK it's not a Piano Accordion

The telephone rang again today.  

This is the landline which comes us part of our Internet, TV and Telephone package.  

It rings every couple of months.  I did not answer it today. I never do.  

I have no idea what the number is because I have never called it. I have also never given it to anyone.  So by definition whoever is calling it is not someone I want to talk to. 

But this also applies to some people who have my Handy number.

I used to answer it occasionally in our first few months in Vienna. Someone would babble incoherently in German for a while and then I would say ‘I don’t speak German’ and they would hang up.

I imagine that they were doing what they do in many other places and wanted to sell me sure fire deals in the stock market, magic weight loss belts, or free carpet cleaning.

Or maybe today it was a Styrian ringing to complain that I called a Steirische a Piano Accordion (for which I apologize profusely and thank knitomi).  

Or maybe someone ringing to tell me that a brown horse won the Melbourne Cup. Now there’s a surprise.

Or - just maybe - the man from Electrolux ringing to say how sorry he is that the clothes dryer is kaput again with the same problem that it had last week and that he is on his way now with the new parts and this time will fix it properly at no additional charge. 

Yes that must be it. I will go and wait by the door.


  1. this time they will fix it - fingers crossed

  2. Glen: It may take more than fingers.