Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have a lot in common with Dexter

I have just watched the first two seasons of Dexter.

I started to watch this with Cate but she did not like it – and it can indeed be a bit grisly. So I waited until she went away to have another look. It is fabulous – and decidedly one of the best TV series I have watched.

But it is an acquired taste and may not have universal appeal  - although there have been 5 series so far so there must be a large audience.

Dexter is a blood spatter expert with the Miami Police Department Homicide Division. He is also a serial killer who kills serial killers who have escaped justice – or who have the potential to escape justice. 

He renders them unconscious and then straps them to a table with Cling Wrap, murders them and then dismembers their bodies and dumps them in the ocean in black plastic bags. I think it is sponsored by GLAD.

It gets a bit grim in parts but is also wildly entertaining and makes me laugh out loud a lot with its black humor. I think it is brilliant and I just love it.

Dexter the serial killer is a bit strange (well..yeh), very complicated, and very dark.  He has a whole bunch of demons rattling around inside his head and this could have been caused by him watching his mother be dismembered by a chain saw in a shipping container when he was three years old. 

I mean that would do it – right? That or drinking too much Coca Cola too early in life. 

There are parts of him that remind me of myself – dark, brooding, tormented, a real loner - although I don’t think I am a serial killer. But who can tell these days.

Sometimes I wake up with bloody feet and this could be a sign.

Until I saw Dexter I had thought it was just Sissi attacking my toes - but perhaps I stalk the streets of Vienna at night and kill people with my feet.

I scour the Austrian Independent now looking for clues about my possible my nocturnal behavior but most Austrians seem to die by falling off the roofs of barns or into machinery (or both) - and there is really very little incidence of people being murdered by feet and dismembered.

To guard against any possibility I now tie myself to my bed with a dressing gown cord so that I cannot stray in my sleep. This does mean that I cannot quite reach the bathroom if I wake in the middle of the night so it can cause problems – but hey – better than murdering people. 

Incidentally white rabbit is a blood spatter expert so I would be a bit wary of him. Although if he is a serial killer he probably only does Republicans and who could complain about that.


  1. hmmm incontinence or murder? the jury is out on that one

  2. I think you're extremely kind to strap yourself to the bed to make it easier for Sissi - thought you were a masochist, but know we have proof!

  3. Maybe you should put your feet into Sissi's Elizabeth Arden red shopping bag (sorry, Glad!).

    It's the third of November and I am so not funny today.

  4. Austrian Foot Killer doesn't have quite the ring that Jack the Ripper does.
    I'll keep working on a better moniker for you and your nocturnal killing spree because everyone knows a serial killer would simply untie himself (or herself) and then re-tie upon return from their crimes.

  5. I am a big Dexter fan too.
    I'm right up-to-date with series 5 and it is still holding my attention.
    As much as I like Dexter, my favourite character is his sister Debra (who is married to him in real life) - she's so skinny and foul-mouthed.
    And I especially love the opening sequence - I can watch it over and over.
    Did you ever see the series Six Foot Under?
    And I agree with Katie a dressing gown cord just wouldn't cut it.

  6. That brings back infany memories of coca cola in my bottle.

  7. Freefalling is right, dressing gown cord sounds way too sissy, you need to man up!

  8. Glen: murder is better

    Annie. I lied I don't actually let Sissi anywhere near my toes anymore.

    Katie. Of course .... The fatal flaw in my plan

    Freefalling. Yes I love Deb she is HOT ...and I loved 6 feet under that's where it all started

    Merisi.. Another lie .. I don't have a dressing gown and sleep naked

  9. Serial killer? Moi??

    Only after a couple of Diet Cokes...

  10. I love Dexter too and frequently lol. It is a brilliant show but not to everyone's taste. Can't wait to see series 5 !