Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh no! Not another Grit-gate!

Red Square  -15. 

I just hope we’re not heading towards another Grit-gate situation the UK.  They have just had their coldest start to a winter in 17 years and already they are talking about grit shortages.  
Now that was a national catastrophe last year and I really hope they have learned their lesson. What we do not need this year is thousands of children all over the British Isles having to sacrifice their sand pits and crunchy nut cornflakes for the good of the motoring public.
I am pleased to report that in Vienna we are expecting snow on Saturday and Sunday.  The Viennese are better at these sorts of things and I do not expect a grit shortage. Billy has his Winter boots on and is ready for action. 
Cate is going to Moscow on Tuesday - where the temperature is expected to be -15.  I think she may have to take a her big woolly coat and UGG boots. I have been to Moscow when it was -15. It is not terrific.  


  1. of course they haven't learnt their lesson! it'll probably be worse this year because councils budgets have been cut so they'll claim that they have no money to purchase the grit. i'm looking forward to being able to walk down the pavement this year without falling on my bum every second step!

  2. meh - it will help with the natural selection and reducing the burden of the payments to pensions. Keep it slippery I say :-)

  3. Hope the snow has made it down to your valley! ;-)

  4. angiv: You will not have any problems with Wiener pavements - apart from the billions if frozen cigarette butts.

    Glen: I agree - we simply have to find ways to stop people living so long.

    Merisi: Small flurries!