Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who is Merisi?

Squirrel in motion. Lincolns Inn Fields.

She is everywhere but she is nowhere.

I know I have just missed her on many occasions as my movements have often coincided with the photographs shown on her blog.  

I look closely at women with cameras – but it is hard to tell if they are just snappers or serious photographers like Merisi

She used to have a picture of herself on her blog but she cheated – she had a camera in front of her face.  Then people started to want to meet her and try to find her - so she went commando and merged with the Viennese scenery.

Today I am sure I spotted her. 

In the distance – in one of her favorite spots – Stadtpark.

I took a quick long distance snap and shouted her name but she heard me and fled down the steps and along the Wienfluss.

I gave chase but she is a master of camouflage and melted into the pond and the ducks. Will I ever catch this will-o'-the-wisp?

And now I must hop off to  Glen’s Blog – to read another episode of the visceral life of Breeze Van Santo.

Tomorrow I want to address the question 'why do many young women in London dress like trollops when they could look so nice?'


  1. i'm always thinking the same thing. who are you merisi??!!
    haha. can't wait for tomorrow!!

  2. You mean she doesn't look like a steaming cup of cappucino? Who knew.

  3. My mother always told me life is like being in a box of chocolates, better act inconspicuously, otherwise you get eaten first!

    Thank you for the wonderful giggle. It really made my day.
    I am still smiling.

    And next time, simply shout "Wait, I am not from Dachs News!" ;-)

  4. Are we actually sure that Merisi is female?

  5. angiv: I will keep hunting her.

    Wanderlust: Not unless a cappuccino can take photos.

    Jessica: You are too kind. I love you!

    Merisi: You can run but you cannot hide forever!

    Maalie: Must be - see all the pics she takes of flowers - and no pics of beer!

  6. Hey London girls look great - how very dare you? Thanks for the plug :-)