Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OMG this book is amazing!!

I just do not know how this got past me – but there is a service called Text a Star to which you can subscribe. 

For $2 per message you will receive two text messages per week from your nominated football player. The blurb on the website says you get:

'Real Messages from Real Stars in Real Time'

Now this is not something to which I would subscribe because there is simply nothing that a football player could tell me that would make my Care-O-Meter flicker one millimeter. (I would have made an exception for George Best - especially late at night).

But there clearly is a market for this and I can see where it will go. Whoops! It already has!

Lleyton Hewitt – a former high ranking tennis player and his vacuous wife Bec – a former Soap actor – have produced yet another sprog and to find out the name of the baby people could sign up to Text a Star and pay $2.


Now I actually don’t have a problem with the concept. What worries me is that people would actually do this. I find the whole thing a bit tragic.

Lleyton was criticized and responded badly (which he often does – he is a world class dummy spitter) and savaged the press saying that he did this so his fans could find out the name of the baby before the general public did. This makes as much sense as anything else he says. 

Anyway it is just another sad chapter in the downward spiral of civilization, the commoditization of humanity generally and the endless quest by everyone to screw the absolute maximum out of everyone else. But perhaps I am being too pessimistic. Here is some good news 

Justin Bieber’s autobiography is half price on Amazon. I have not read it but following is one of the reviews.

OMG this book is amazing!!

It's packed full of gorgeous pictures. And there is loads of stuff in there that i didn't know before. And I'm a big Belieber!!

Cos Justin actually wrote this one himself!!!

I luuurrrrvvveee it!!

Thank you Justin!! X


  1. God, I've missed your posts. I need to drag myself out of my insane life more often to read them! xx

  2. Hopefully I'll be dead before that review writer can vote.

  3. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try Wayne Rooney.

  4. It never fails to amaze me how easily people can be conned out of their cash.

    On British TV I once saw a 'phone in' at £1 a call to vote on "Are TV phone in's a rip off?" there was one number for no and one for YES!!! and you know - you really do know, that some people voted yes!

  5. Wanderlust: And I am looking forward to the day you start writing again.

    Katie: LoL

    Maalie: Yes - or Becks could be good value.

    Glen: I love that!

  6. €2 for a text message from George Clooney, why not?

    What was the number again?

  7. angiv: Ta

    Merisi: I think George could charge more than that.