Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Cupertino CA?

Won’t be much of a Blog today. I wrote it but then deleted it accidentally and don’t have the strength to do it all again.

Cate has reported from Cairo that she has the best hotel room she has ever had with many rooms and lashings of wood, brass and marble. Why doesn’t this happen when I am with her?

She can’t see the pyramids but has been assured that they are not far away. She has two days of work and then a chance to see them before she leaves. I have told her to be careful as those bloody things have been there for a long time now and must fall over sooner or later.

At this stage of my life I will be struggling to find another woman who will keep me in a penthouse apartment in Wien.

I am plugging through the masses of online forms for Cate’s tax return. It is excruciating -mainly because I don’t know the answers to many of the questions and don’t know how to find the answers. In fact I don’t even understand most of the questions.

If I wanted to understand this stuff I would have been a Tax Accountant. I will do what I can and send it all off to PWC in Sydney and tell them to do their best.

I have had an ongoing problem that my iPhone calendar doesn’t sync properly with my Outlook Calendar. The entries are the same but the times are always different.

After much farnarkling over many months I did what I should have done in the first place and Googled. I have found that my iPhone calendar is sent on the default time of Cupertino CA. WTF?
If anyone could think why this may be so please let me know.

I suspect a FOX plot but I have a naturally suspicious mind.

There is a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wien in September. Why Wien? I hear you ask. Jermaine says it is because “Vienna was a very dear place for Michael. And he loved castles”.
Well this is certainly the right place.

You can book on line at


  1. Because those of us who've worked with Apples since 1983 know that Cupertino CA is the centre of the universe!

    Glad Cate is living in luxury, even if she has no time to enjoy it :)

    Tax details and accounting generally are low on my list, too :(

    The Leo ladies, Nea, Elaine and I, had a lovely 203rd on Tuesday! We celebrated separately as Elaine is in Spain with family (one daughter married a Spaniard) and Nea went to Seniors for lunch. Jim and I stayed home and had a gourmet day :)

  2. OK Now I understand - Cupertino is the home of Apple. (Should have been obvious really).