Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well of course - Apple lives in Cupertino!

View of Wien from Kahlenburg

Steph and Annie have rubbed my nose in the blindingly obvious – Cupertino is the home of Apple. Duh!

I have finally hemmed those damned pants. They will not survive detailed analysis but will pass muster viewed from a distance. Sewing (amongst many other things) is not one of my strengths.

This is why some of the Koalas on my quilt look a bit like Macaque Monkeys.

David asked about my knees. When cycling I use a very high cadence to ensure that I do not put any pressure on them at all. On this basis they are holding up quite well and I am able to cycle for about 2 hours each day without too many problems.

We are going hiking in a week or so and (with Cate’s participation) I have booked a hotel in Schladming-Rohrmoos (which is somewhere in the direction of Salzburg). I am giving you the link so that you can see that – from the website – it looks perfectly fine and has all the facilities one could possibly want:

(Well I think I have booked it – but the entire email exchange was I German so I can’t be positive).

So when we find that we are sharing the room with a family of Orang-utans, that there is only a single bed, no hot water, no air conditioning and drug crazed rats eat our underwear during the night you will see that I am not to blame. It does not mention any of these things on the website.

The plan is that we will go for long walks on Saturday and Sunday. This is why I am pushing my training up to a higher level.

Continuing the theme of how creative Austrians are at killing themselves – they must surely dominate the Darwin awards (

I report from my favourite online newspaper the (drum roll) Austrian Times:

Woman dies chasing dog

A 45-year-old was killed when she chased her dog across train tracks and was hit by a locomotive. The woman for Eggenburg in Horn district, Lower Austria, had been walking her pet pooch when he ran off and she was killed instantly as she stumbled on the track and was hit by the speeding train.

Train hits man in wheelchair

A train hit and killed a 31-year-old man in an electric wheelchair on Monday in Mittersill in Salzburg’s Pinzgau. He died instantly as he and the chair were sent flying 80 metres down the track by the impact.

Pensioner falls off roof

A 92-year-old DIY-lover was killed when he fell off a ladder as he tried to build a garden shed. The man had propped the ladder against a wooden board but it moved and he fell and then rolled down a steep embankment in his garden in Thuringia in Vorarlberg's Bludenz district.

Man falls of cliff (there are simply too many of these to report them all)

Rescuers found the body of a man on Saturday who had gone hiking in the dark Friday night and fallen off a 60-metre-high cliff in upper Styria. The Styrian security directorate said today (Mon) Christian Sch., 42, from Wenigzell, had gone hiking with acquaintances on Friday in the upper Mürz valley in Styria.

The Austrians really are going to have to do something about the low birth rate here or they will become extinct.

Here is a nice little exchange of emails to amuse you:

Now for some real action you should put the Creation Museum in Kentucky on your list of places to visit. You can see dinosaurs and children playing together. No – this really happened – although I’m sure some of the smaller children would have been squashed as they would have been very small in comparison with dinosaurs. Still – you can’t have creation without some collateral damage.

David sent me this link to a story in the best online newspaper – The Onion. It is a very amusing comment on the current debate.


  1. Hotel is in a lovely setting. Don't think you'll find any drug crazed rats there but you may find Papa Smurf - looks a bit like a smurf house from the outside.

  2. You just had to remind me of creationism didn't you? God damn it, i just got off the phone talking about someone's stupidity so I came here for a quick escape and BAM! hit in the face by stupid.

  3. Thanks for the Onion link! Loved the Pelosi take, and Good Old Orrin Hatch's too - took me a while to realize he had not said what he had thought .... ;-)