Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just had a caramel cream frappachino DELISHHH!!!

Clearly the world (or at least the North American part) has gone completely insane. Starbucks has a Facebook site and has 3,768,621 Fans. Excuse me?

Recent comments include:

‘just had a caramel cream frappachino DELISHHH!!!’

‘Grande Iced Caramel Machiatto extra whip n extra caramel MMMMMM’


Yes and “Cinnabon” has 241,739 fans – but they don’t appear to leave comments. Perhaps the encounter leaves most of them talking into the big white telephone.

Clearly the new world is passing me by. It would NEVER enter my head to join the Facebook page for, say, Hugo Boss just because I own a pair of his underpants.

On the quest to provide you with a balanced view of the world and a well rounded education I provide you with another site for your illumination and edification.


Just read the Austrian Times and had to tell you about this:

"Traffic in Vienna’s inner city came to a halt yesterday (Mon) afternoon after a Fiaker or horse carriage lost a wheel.Strauchgasse became clogged with cars as it took the driver half an hour to repair the wheel.The carriage was not transporting anyone at the time, and the driver was uninjured.
Fiakers are one of Vienna’s most-popular tourist attraction and a recent poll by Vienna psychologist Cornelia Ehmayer revealed that one fifth of Vienna residents considered fiakers to be a characteristic part of the city".

Unfortunately Cornelia is silent on what the other four fifths think. (I for one am keen to know). The AT has helpfully supplied a photo of a Fiaker so that we can all be sure what we are talking about.


  1. “Cinnabon”! If I were on Facebook, I would sign up as their 241,749th friend! (Those buns are that good!)

  2. O well, 241,749th will do. My problem if I cannot type! :-(

  3. Thanks for sharing the illuminating website. I'll make sure J sees it, and probably forward it to his grandson.

    BTW, I thought Hugo Boss was the name of yacht? OK, I know they're only sponsors but dummies like me lose the connection with the actual brand when we see it 'advertising' on yachts! I certainly didn't know it was advertising your underwear.

    We're lucky Sydney lacks horse-driven vehicles or no one would ever reach their destinations.

  4. Hmm.....well next time I am in the USA I will try a Cinnabon to see what the fuss is about.

    Annie - Now when you see the yacht you will think 'Badger's Underpants!'