Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our kittens have been kittennapped

Muffin is enjoying the sun.

It hasn’t been a good day so far.

I waited to see the Doctor for 1 ½ hours, the wind is sending Muffin loopier than usual, someone in Germany has stolen our kittens – and Merisi is eating my ducks.

As we are on the top floor the wind howls around the outside of the apartment and – just like it did in Sydney – sends Muffin leaping around the house in a complete tizz.

When I went to see the Doctor it was warm and sunny and I took my jacket off as soon as I got there because it was so hot. When I came out 2 hours! later it was absolutely freezing and I had to run home. This is a very strange place weather-wise.

The German kittens which were due to come to Wien have instead been kidnapped by some insensitive Germans and didn’t get across the border. However, Rozalin is putting plan B into place and we have no doubt that soon we will have an appropriate number of kittens.

We have decided anyway that the kittens were the wrong colour – and because of their origins would have been too Teutonic for Muffin.

And I still haven’t been to the fitness centre because I am going to Istanbul on Thursday and next week Cate is going to Prague on Monday and I am following her on Wednesday. So there doesn’t seem to be much point in trying to get into a program until I can stick at it for a couple of weeks.

But I am walking every day and eating lots of salads. Oh YUM!

Cate is flying to Prague and I am driving Billy – and I am sure that he will enjoy the outing. I will pay close attention to speed limits and try not to get exasperated when BMWs howl past me at 200 KPH.

To enhance my salads I bought some of these strange looking things that they have in Spar here in bottles and appear to be different types of pickled things. Some of them I can identify but others may require forensic analysis.

Anyway – they taste – in general – quite interesting. Some more so than others – so I will keep experimenting. I haven’t had the courage to try the fishy things in jars yet but am working up to it.

Unconvinced by Cate’s experiment with Gruner Veltliner - Melissa did a test to see if her laptop could be killed by orange juice. It could.

I think these are both convincing demonstrations and no one out there need try it again.

I have received Possum's Academy Awards night questions but as none of them seem to be related to the last James Bond movie - which is the only one we have seen since we have been here - we have not got many correct answers:

Here are a four from the Quiz - the best I can do without cheating:

5.Heavenly Creatures (saw it with Possum)
7.Harold Pinter
11.Robert Sean Leonard


  1. Haven't been to Prague myself but one of my nieces has and, with friends, enjoyed a huge amount of beer! I understand the prices are suited to young people in their gap year so should be much better value than Wien.

    Not that I'm looking, but I can't think of anyone who has a cat having kittens here in Sydney. Jim would only accept Burmese because they're more like dogs than cats. But think of the curtains, armchairs and, grrr, garden! Plus our theoretical cat would prefer to be in with Molly next door, being thoroughly spoiled like our predecessor's.

    Walking - good
    Salads - good
    Things in jars - questionable, undoubtedly full of salt leading to fluid retention and, therefore, additional weight.
    Fishy things in jars - good in moderation, despite salt as full of omega 3 - personally I avoid them, hairy fish only good when cooked!

    We don't allow drinks of any kind in the office, i.e. where the PC and keyboard reside! There are no exceptions!

  2. Good luck with your weight loss! I'd be really interested in seeing what sort of program you start doing.

  3. I once spilled tea on my laptop keyboard. Clever thing that I am, I fetched the vacuum cleaner to suck up the liquid. Presto, most of the alphabet was gone. My kids are still laughing about that. ;-) Besides that, no damage done (let it be said that it was Early Grey with skim milk, no sugar - just in case someone out there wants to repeat the feat).