Saturday, March 14, 2009

Melissa was not eaten by Giant Rats

Well I must say that the Oka-Eri Japanese restaurant was outstanding. So good in fact that we are going back there tonight. But tonight we are going a bit later.

Last night we got there at 7:30 - at opening time - and threw them into a complete Tizz.

They are unaccustomed to having customers at all - let alone ones who arrive at 7:30 so there was complete chaos for a while as they organised themselves.

Things got worse an hour later when two more customers arrived. I thought Mrs Sato may have a nervous breakdown but after some prayers at the shrine behind the bar she rallied and got it all together.

It is the first time I have had toasted cheese on a stick and it was quite - er - interesting.

This is the place where Melissa gets her regular take away dinner and each time she does this she has to go through the ritual of the Tea Ceremony. This turns getting dinner into a major exercise so when she is short of time she cannot go there.

Besides, sitting cross legged on the floor with the Satos gives her back problems.

We went again to the Clermont, Melissa’s local bar which this time was full of characters, some of them very odd indeed and more than few very drunk. I didn’t actually get to talk to anyone as those who wanted to talk to me were too drunk to do so.

I did explain to a man eyeing me suspiciously that Melissa was my daughter and that despite any other failings she may have in respect of bars, she was not on the game.

The sewers are quite - er - interesting and should be seen. You get a bit too close for my liking to the business end of the sewers but - to Melissa’s relief - there were no giant rats - or indeed rats of any size.

One of the many ways she does not want to die is to be eaten alive by Giant Rats (come to think of it - that's also one of mine - in a very long list indeed).

The obligatory photo of La Tour Eiffel has been provided


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We enjoy seeing the lovely photos and hearing of your adventures. Felise particularly enjoys photos of Merlin and other cats. Wish I was there too.