Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am as crook as Rookwood

Time to teach those non-Australians about the elegance and simplicity of the Australian language.

Crook – is an Australian expression for not feeling well

Rookwood – is the largest cemetery in Sydney

The degrees of crookness are as follows:

I am a bit crook

I am pretty crook

I am really crook

I am as crook as Rookwood

The last one means that you are very unwell indeed. This is what I am – but am recovering and will resume Blogging very soon – and have lots to tell you.

Message for Steph: As I see it there are four good things about your situation.

Oklahoma is well situated for travel to both the East and West coasts.

They no longer hang people who are in same sex relationships (at least not legally – there may still be lynchings)

You never have to worry about your state changing color at elections

You are well placed for the Rapture (But may not be eligible – see point 2 – I would check).


  1. Crook also works well in the phrase:
    Things are crook in Tallarook.

    I tried to make a rhyme with Vien but have given up.

    I'm a bit crook myself. Got a cold in my doze, probably caught from someone out supermarket shopping. But we're off to visit friends outside of Oberon so I won't let on...

    Get well soon!

  2. I only wish the Rapture would happen. This state would be instantly Blue if it did.

  3. Get well.

    Alissa sent a friend request on facebook! I have higher standards though, sorry.

  4. ah glad you are a bit better. Relax, nap. Muffin will enjoy the one on one time :-)

  5. Hope you get better soon! We look forward to hearing what you've been saving up to tell us...

  6. Hope you're feeling better today.