Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Non-Cat people beware

This Blog has a number of photos of Cemetery Cats. 'Non-Cat' people should have a bucket or paper bag handy.

It’s very strange to leave Paris and ‘go home’ to Vienna. In the past I have left Paris to go to Australia but now home is just a couple of hours flight away.

I really do love Paris - and always have done since my first trip here in 1978. In those days I visited at least once a year on business and stayed in the Hotel Meurice (where they turn down your bed and put chocolates on the pillows).

But, while I still love Paris, I think the lifestyle in Vienna is better. But there is certainly absolutely nothing like Montmartre in Vienna - this place just hops and is full of life.

Melissa has given me some lessons and I am going to try to get banned from Cafe Malipop.

But I will be glad to get back to the ducks because there will be ducklings soon and I certainly want to be there for that. (Of course I miss Cate and Muffin).


  1. Much as I liked Paris the place when I visited in 1979, the Parisians left much to be desired. The French people in the countryside that I met were much more friendly and welcomed my feeble attempts at conversing in their language.

    I stayed with a French family in Paris and also visiting them was a niece from the USA. French only was spoken in the home until the last day. Mealtimes were like sitting at the tennis net, watching the ball! No way I could contribute.

    I was glad to get back to London!

  2. Glad that you had a good time. The cat photos were great! Never been to Paris so no comment there!

  3. Hmmm.............I don't think the Parisiens have changed much but we certainly find the people in the country very friendly when we go there.