Tuesday, November 24, 2015

There is a little bit less to wash

I have been too discombobulated by everything to think about blogging.

Anyway my daughter in Paris – Molly – has had another boy – Puggles – brother to Biggles. This is my fourth grandchild and I will go to Paris soon to see him.

Our mulberry tree has finally dropped its leaves. Each year – on a particular day – it decides it is has had enough and all the leaves flutter to the ground. It takes a few hours - and it is quite a sight.

That meant that next day was leaf mulching day and to celebrate the occasion my leaf mulching bag broke. So I mulched the leaves and fired them into space and then collected them and many unmulched leaves and put them in bags.

When my new bag arrives I shall mulch all he leaves and put them on the garden.

Tomorrow we are going to Washington for Thanksgiving with Cate’s brother and sister-in-law.  This will be an event of epic proportions as my nephew has just had a baby and there are 16 relatives of the mother coming. I know that seems rather a lot and I am not sure why it is happening – but I have learned that it is better to go quietly with the flow.

Fortunately there are plenty of places in the house where one can sit quietly and have a glass of wine without being disturbed too much.

The dog has gone to be with Michelle and her two dogs for a few days. Today she is called ‘the dog’ because last night she ate a squeaky rubber ball and then vomited it onto the bed at 5:00 am this morning.

Yesterday she ate my beanie and before that it was a remote control. I take full responsibly for this because I should keep a closer eye on her. I should know that whenever she is quiet – and is chewing – it is likely to be something that I really don’t want chewed.

Cate would like to replace the sheets and bed cover because they are full of holes but I am not replacing them until Georgia has grown up a bit and is no longer in full time chewing mode. In the meantime I just wash what remains of the sheets and the cover – and each time there is just a little bit less to wash.


  1. Lovely news from Paris! Congratulations, grandfather! :-)

  2. An abundance of news, new precious baby-congrats, very contrite Georgia Dog per the picture, bed vomit and less laundry. Win Win.

  3. Three sentiments:
    1. Congratulations!
    2. Have a great trip!
    3. This, too, shall pass! (one way or another...)


  4. I didn't know that about mulberry trees. I noticed an interesting tree on our Main Street that had a sharp demarcation of leaves changing faster on the south side versus the north. I forgot to take a picture. There are three blocks of Main Street that were transformed from straight to serpentine by the addition of large bricked planters several decades ago. So there are now several massive trees actually on the street, along with shrubbery and flowers with a few miniature decorative oil well pump jacks.

  5. Thanks folks. Life is always exciting here. I just can't imagine how boring it was before Georgia.