Friday, November 6, 2015

I will keep trying

Why is this bed so small? Why are the cats looking at me like that?
Cate says she wants to see how smart Georgia is so I have bought two dog puzzles from Amazon. These are not like Sudoku but are just boards which have  panels behind which you hide dog treats. The dog has to move the panels to find the treats.

I have not used them yet as I fear they may expose Georgia’s intellectual weaknesses. I mean she is very good at some things – running, sleeping,  eating treats and digging holes – but I suspect it may be too much of a stretch to ask her to do anything else.

I am always uncomfortably reminded of Muffin who was with us for 19 years and never learned how to use a cat door. Even after all that time she would watch other cats go in and out of the cat door – but we would have to hold it open for her – lest she sit there and yowl at the closed panel.  And she did this whatever side she was on.

Monika is the same now – but not quite as bad. She has to be let out to the balcony through he cat door – but once there can get back in. I know it does not make sense - but Monika has special needs. 

Anyway – so Cate can try Georgia with the dog puzzle and live with the results.


Cate has tried the puzzle and Georgia is afraid of it. This is hardly surprising as she is afraid of most things including brooms, dustbins and saucepans and tins of chicken stock. If she does go near it she has no idea what to do.

We have left it near to one of her many beds to see if she will tackle it.  Cate has sort of given up on the basis that if she cannot do a dog puzzle then what hope is there.

I figure she is not that dumb –she sure as hell is smarter than some of the Republican candidates – so will persist. I have some plans that will help her overcome her current problems.

I am pleased to report that the second iCloud upload is going as planned. We are down to 18,500 photos so seem to be doing about 1,000 each day. So only about three weeks to go.

I have not found a way to stop it – a diligent search has not disclosed anyone else in the Mac universe who has had this problem – so I just let it beaver away day and night.

It has been summer here during the last week and I have been wearing T shirts outside. A couple of plants have sort of sprung to life ‘wow that was a short winter’ so they will be annihilated as soon as we get cold weather – which may be soon.


  1. Our cold front blew through this morning, lots of street lights out from the wind. I say keep trying and she will get it.

  2. I think it is interesting how we both "have" dogs named Georgia. Of course I don't eXactly "have" my Georgia nor did "we" originally name her that. She is terribly afraid of humans but has learned that we will give her food, so she shows up periodically outside the house or comes running toward us when we come home or get ready to leave. Tamie originally called the dog Prince until I told her it was most likely a girl, so it became Princess, then one day she called it Shasta. But this is before a client of hers revealed that the dog was hers that ran away from the next street over, and her name was Georgia. I may not have Georgia in the traditional way we think we "have" dogs, but she does have my heart. She will now come within about two feet of me when I place pieces of cheese on the step beside me on the porch, provided I have first put a piece of cheese about four feet away on the sidewalk. I am just hoping that she warms up to us and accepts our invitation of a home before the cold of winter rolls in or she gets ran over. It is heart breaking to some degree and a feeling of powerlessness in my inability to help someone (a dog) who appears to have been abused and was rescued by the neighbor once before from a shelter. The Call of The Mild for a Furry Wild Child.

  3. fmc: She has - no trouble at all.

    esb: I have emailed you