Thursday, November 19, 2015

Have you smelled a Gyro?

It just never stops.

Hordes of ISIL fighters disguised as Syrian refugees are about to descend upon America – wreaking destruction and havoc wherever they go.

A family of four which has been waiting for three years to come to Indiana has been thwarted in their dastardly attempts at mayhem and carnage by our very own governor - who has refused to accept them.

No – they will not be able to create chaos by buying diapers in Marsh – or taking up the see-saw in the local park – or even eating that evil middle eastern food in local restaurants!

What a man! What courage! Who could ask for more in a governor?

But wait – the governor of Connecticut has said that he will take them! What a brave man that he would sacrifice the lives of his citizens just so some homeless refugees can have a life without being bombed and poisoned by their very own idjit asshole.  

And many governors are doing the same thing for their citizens. The land of the free is the home of the brave. Unless you are Syrian.

The National Guard has staked out the local Gyro shop. This may be a hotbed of insurrection. Well sure it is Greek - but they all come from over there somewhere – and certainly cannot be trusted. 

I mean have you smelled a Gyro? 

Sometimes I feel like I am at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – or wading like a drugged wombat through fields of molasses. I refuse to believe what is happening at the moment because it is just too surreal.


  1. Wow, I forget about gyros. There was a place in Fritch several decades ago and in the mall in Amarillo. But I quit eating them when I switched to buffalo quite a while ago. I will have to find a gyro place again. It is kind of silly when you look at the statistics. It was most likely only a handful of people who committed the Paris atrocities, just like it was only a small group who did the activities of 9/11, yet millions of common ordinary people who look like them, yet don't share their jihad-ity, suffer.

  2. Is the Statue of Liberty on her way back to France?

  3. Its time to buckle your seat belt, this is just getting started. And I cannot stand the smell of gyro's, don't know what it is a spice or something. Of course, I am not too adventurous food wise.

  4. The whole damn business is just disappointing. The gyros as well.