Thursday, October 8, 2015

She is as happy as a clam

The garden gizmos
I looked at the letter from the car dealer and it said that I can register the car online.  So I went online and completed all the details and then it said that I cannot register the car online.

So I went to the BMV and John came with me for moral support. I was served by an apparently mute Yeti who stared intently at my papers and at one stage paused and declared ‘harrumph’. Oh no I thought – I will need to get a bat’s ear and a newt’s eyeball. But he moved on and the entire transaction was completed in silence.

I showed the Hendersons the sights of Indianapolis and they were mightily impressed. That may be because they live in a town that has a population of 14,000 - but they both thought it was very nice here – which in fact it is. 

I tried to explain American politics to them but it was like teaching calculus to Georgia. She is pleased to be given the opportunity but has no idea what you are talking about.

I told them yes it was all very strange but they just needed to go with the flow and eventually there will ne a new administration and they will fight like cats and dogs with the other party for another four years and achieve nothing.

I showed them the Gander Mountain gun shop and this knocked their socks off – especially when I said I could walk out of there in an hour with the gun(s) of my choice and a bucket load of ammo.

Cate bought some new gizmos for the garden and John and I hung them on the coach house wall. We drilled only one hole more than necessary and are happy with the job. Importantly – Cate is very happy.

On the weekend I used Uber for the first time. This was very exciting and we got to ride in a Lexus and a Cadillac. We proved that you cannot fit three adults comfortably in the back seat of a Lexus or a Cadillac – but we did not have far to go.

Tonight we are flying to Frankfurt and then catching a train to Koblenz to start our bike and barge trip. We will be cycling and boating through Germany, Belgium and France so I will need to dust the cobwebs off my German and French. 

Michelle had a few problems with Georgia at the start of her stay and she said Georgia was unhappy at night in the crate. I said that Georgia sleeps on the bed with us – so now Georgia sleeps on the bed with Michelle – and is as happy as a clam.


  1. Love the garage decor, I am going to drive for Uber, we will see.

    Good going on the cycling, I still remember that pic from the barge of hell.

  2. Bon voyage mon père merveilleux

  3. I am glad Georgia is back to the clam state. Cooper has just got to the point of unconfidence that he would like to get on the bed, but now doesn't seem to trust his ability agility to skillfully make the transition up onto the mattress, so he complains a lot. That happens sometimes when you turn 11.

  4. Have a great time! Need a house and dog sitter? ;)

  5. fmc: Ah this trip was much better.

    lenny: Marci mon cher fils.

    esb: Well Geiorgia sometimes has truckle and has to be lifted on to the bed. I think she gets bit lazy.

  6. SK: We do need a house and dog sitter if you are interested. If you are serious we can do a deal.