Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This is a good thing

Well Cate is waiting to hear from the Sahara race people because the problem is that it is in Jordan which is currently bombing the bejesus out of ISIL in Syria and this bunch of nutters will probably want to retaliate against the Jordanians and what better way to do this than capture 300 desert runners and cut their heads off.

The race people say that hordes of Jordanians and Bedouins will be guarding the race competitors and everyone else and that they will be armed to the teeth.


We think it will be OK but we will probably not stay in Amman after the race because it has before been subject to terrorist attacks and having survived brain surgery I do not wish to be blown to smithereens by lunatics who think that the  big man wants them to kill every last  infidel by any means whatsoever.

Cate said she wanted some audio books on her iPod so that she could listen to them while she walked her 20 miles each Saturday and Sunday. I said she should go on to audio books in iTunes and pick some out. She said I don’t have time for that – you do it.

With a heavy heart I did – with entirely predictable results.

I’ve read that – and that – and that
I would never read anything like that
I really hate that author and that one as well
Do you really think I would read something like that?

I have seen this movie before – and have retired officially from downloading audio  books.

So our health insurer’s computers were hacked. What a surprise. We have been urged to do all sorts of things to prevent fraud and identity theft. I have gone one step further and have signed up for identity theft protection and credit fraud monitoring.

My first red alert on Sunday was that there was a sex offender in the area. I have no idea why they told me this.

The first signs are encouraging. The ID protection agency does a number of checks through finance and local county and federal government records. They could not find us. 

Every enquiry came back ‘no record’

So even with our Green cards we do not exist in America. I think this is a good thing.


  1. Badger, you're starting to create fragments of some kind of future Australo-American literature. Please carry on...

  2. I looked at America veRy carefuLLy for a Badger or a Cate and could only see for you an er and ca for her.

    We are much Springier than you this week, been in the 70's for 5 days. I guess I never thought about the Sahara extending into Jordan, my mind restricting it to just one continent. I bet a Bedouin would be the best guard in the desert. Off to study Bedouins ....

  3. Fabulous earth-shaking breaking news: Australia will be participating in the Eurovision song contest in Vienna on 23 May. Time to grow a beard and put on a skirt…

  4. William: Nothing would surprise me with Eurovision song contest - the entire thing is quite bizarre.

    esb: I think you are right. I have seen Lawrence of Arabia and I the Bedouins are quite ferocious.

  5. Is it just me or is your life becoming more complex every year??? If I were going to Jordan I'd go see Petra. Have fun and stay safe.

  6. Australia? Isn't that the place where the Mammamias live? ;-)

    I confess I'd rather walk on the frozen-over Danube in winter than in Jordan.

  7. Merisi: Australians still them. Me too cold over heat any time.

  8. I'll admit to being a bit behind on the blog...but what's this about a running race in f**king Jordan?

  9. Keegan88: It is (or was) all true. But you will have to read the blog to find out.