Monday, February 2, 2015

Remember my name

I really enjoyed the Super Bowl until the last 10 seconds when the Seahawks coach made what is being called the worst decision in Super Bowl history.

With 2 minutes to go the Seahawks drove downfield to the Patriots goal line. There are 20 seconds to go. Its second and goal. They are a couple of yards out. Everyone knows they have won.  Tom Brady is sitting there looking like John Boehner at the SOTU address.

They cannot lose unless the Seahawks throw it and it is intercepted.

They threw it.

It was intercepted.

Thankfully the next season does not start until next September.

But the ads were terrific. Hard to choose but I think my favorite was the one with Bryan Cranston as Walter White.

I had to wear my sunglasses while watching Katy Perry.

Still finishing the US tax thingy.


  1. I agree with you, the Walter White ad was cool, plus Katy Perry, wOw. This was my first year to watch much of any football at aLL, since maybe 30 plus years ago. I feLL asleep after Katy Perry and missed the entire second half. I was eXhausted from a marathon viewing of the teleBision show 24. I "now" have Amazon Prime. ActuaLLy my wife got A-Prime two months ago and forgot to teLL me! She had bought it for cheaper faster shipping, oblivious to the entertainment package built into it. It was only after I told her that I signed up for it under my ID did I find out about hers. Luckily I was able to cancel mine.

  2. esb: Is this the 24 that is actually 12?
    I think prime is excellent value.