Thursday, February 12, 2015

Their answer was yes

Well the Sahara race has been cancelled. Apparently there were just not enough committed Bedouins to make it totally safe.

So Cate has to transfer her entry fee to another race in either China, Ecuador or Chile - or this same race next year - which will be held in Egypt.  

So we will miss out on Petra but I will be going to Paris to see Molly and Gaston and Biggles and Cate will probably come with me.

For the last couple of days Stan the Man has been staying with us. I have not seen him for 28 years when we last worked together in Australia. He is now living in Washington  because his wife is the CEO of an international company. She is a woman who we employed as a clerk when we were running currency trading operations.

He is now – like me – a man of some leisure so we compared notes about cooking and cleaning. He does not have to do litter so we could not discuss the finer points of that .

However - he did tell me about the iRobot Roomba which is a robot vacuum cleaner. He gave it such a ringing endorsement that I had to buy one immediately so I have ordered it from Amazon and it will be here Friday.

It roams around the house on its own – vacuuming  as it goes. Then it returns to its base station and recharges itself.  You can program it so that it will start at the time of your choosing and just cruise around until it is finished. I don‘t know how it knows when it has finished so I will keep a close eye on it.

The cats will love it. Stan the Man has a daughter with an iRobot and her cat rides around on it.

In the meantime I was fascinated to read that a leading United States think tank has published a piece posing the question ‘Is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott the most incompetent leader of any industrialized  democracy?’

Their answer was yes.

The piece argued that he was so shockingly incompetent that he had to go.

Perhaps he could come and join Congress.


  1. Seriously need to know about the vacuum. I did read in the paper that they guy was going to knight the Duke of Edinburgh and everyone thought it stupid and no one would come. Including the Duke I guess, how odd.

  2. fortunately mr rabbit's days are numbered. ....And we can look forward to our next incompetent leader....

  3. I think a Roomba would be okay if it could transfer its contents into a refuse disposal system. I just know how much my Beloved Dyson sucks up. I think they are terribly expensive when I think of other toys and toy-like objects I could have, such as I think I need a Raspberry Pi 2 and a dashboard video camera. I am sorry that Cate was not able to desert it. I hope the elephants get more money.

  4. Missing out on Petra is sad, but that part of the world is pretty dodgy. Egypt would be cool; I was all set to go there in 2011 but the big riots happened.

    Our media people here were convinced that Abbott was a goner - and surely he will be, won't he?

    I'm awaiting your report card on the robot vacuum - sounds like an excellent idea.

  5. fmcgmccllc: I will give a full report. The PM has become a legend throughout the world for his stupidity. And I do believe that Petra really is gorgeous - I will get a picture book.

    lenny: They won't have any trouble finding one of those.

    esb: I have a dyson too - but I have to push it around. I think the iRobot may be worth the money - we shall see.

    Alexia: Abbott is as good as gone - it will just take a little time. I will report on the RV.

  6. If Abbott is re-elected I will be looking at a transfer to NYU...

  7. Keegan88: Well we have a few republicans here who make Abbott look intelligent.