Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We have booked it

This weekend we are having our first weekend away in Indiana – at a place called ‘A Little Log Cabin in the Woods’ near French Lick.

This is about two hours drive from Indy so we are going down on Friday afternoon and coming back on Monday morning.

The lady I spoke to said that the cabin is so secluded we can go naked all weekend.  Indeed - we are not allowed in the spa unless we are naked.

This may be the opportunity for Cate and I to try baked bean wrestling – which we have been wanting to do for a long time now. But you know – so many things to do – so little time.

And speaking of beans – we are taking our dinner for Friday nite and I am trying out Candy’s Chili recipe. I am following it to the letter and even have the Red Gold brand diced tomatoes.

We got an email from our cycling holiday people saying that they had a special offer for two people for a 7 day cycling trip on the west coast of Sweden at the end May – and would we be interested.

Cate decided to take me for my birthday - so we have booked it.


  1. Have you tried Muir Glen organic fire roasted canned tomatoes, available at Whole Foods? I loved the extra flavour boost with my chili. No such luxuries here, unfortunately.

    Have you experimented with chipotle chilis in adobe sauce? These come in small tins, and are to be used sparingly, but give exquisite flavour to any dish. You can also buy these smoked tried Mexican Jalapeños in their dry state. I miss being able to buy all sorts of chili peppers, all different degrees of heat and flavour.

    Wishing you a great trip!

  2. Oh dear, I wanted to write smoke-dried Mexican Jalapeños! ;-)

  3. I haven't been to the west coast of Sweden in a veRy long time. Happy Pre-Birthday.

    I need to make some chili with buffalo, I am suddenly hungry and its after midnight. I truly think there are currently more things to eat at work than what I have in the house at the moment, it has just been that wild of a work week(s) ....

  4. I will try the Muir Glen and the chipotle chills. Yes it is truly wonderful here having so much from which to choose.

    esb: I have not tried buffalo. I wonder if I should?

  5. For all that is holy, I looked up French Lick and it showed a picture of a Marathon Gas Station on Larry Bird Boulevard with extra information about the Casino.

    Really, is that where you two are going to be naked? A gas station next to a casino in BFE Indiana. I need more wine.

  6. fmcgmccllc: I am assured by the little old lady who owns the cabin that it is nowhere near the gas station or Casino.

  7. fmcgmccllc: BFE - hahahahaha, I had never heard of this before.