Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I discovered the world of Graham

I had my first key lime pie a month or so ago and it was really very good. I imagine that each bite has about a million calories – so it is not something I will eat very often – but I had this notion that I might try and make one.

I have never made a dessert of any description so had no idea how to make the base or sides of the pie – although I imagined it would involve eggs and milk – and maybe biscuit crumbs.

So when I started this process I discovered that I needed to prepare Graham cracker crust. (?) When I delved into Graham crackers I discovered this cornucopia of all things Graham. Crackers, crumbs, prepared crusts – all of this amazed me. A whole world of which I knew nothing.

I often wander wide-eyed along the shelves at Marsh and Fresh market – mesmerized by the vast array of things of which I had never dreamed until I came to America.

So apparently all I have to do is make the crust, line the pie dish, fill it with the ingredients and bake it. Sounds like something I can do. I could do it for the dinner party on Saturday nite – but that would be tempting fate.

A problem with baking is that we have this really jazzy Italian oven – a Bertazzoni Professional – but it does not do some basic things – for example – enabling us to set a precise temperature -  and telling us what the temperature is inside it.

When we first got here Cate told me that then red light on the front showed when it had reach the right temperature. Turns out she made this up. The red light on the front tells only that the oven is on. So if we are using the oven to cook meat we can use the remote thermometer – but other than this we are on our own. This has led to some interesting cooking outcomes.


  1. I made a key lime pie a couple of years ago. Obviously I couldn't get key limes but substituted Aussie limes and it turned out really well. I had heard of the pie before but was inspired to make it when it featured on an episode of Dexter. Please post a pic when you make it !

  2. One of my greatest disappointments in life involved key lime pie. The restaurant On The Border had the most wonderful key lime pie with a particular topping that was one of my favorite things, then -p00f- they took it off their menu. I have never found another even close, I think it was a strawberry based topping. That might have been about ten years ago.

  3. My dad has the complete collection of Graham Greene novels…dose that count mate?

  4. Had my first bite of Key Lime pie on the ill fated Thanksgiving weekend. It tasted tinny and thin to me. Not something I wanted to repeat.

  5. KP: Sorry - they ate most of it before I could take a pic.

    esb: I will make you one when you come to Indy.

    simon: Only if you can m make crust from them.

    fmcgmccllc: Wait until you taste mine.