Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It will be a cracking performance

Of course whenever I go to Costco I always find things that I do not really need but just have to have. I am getting quite a collection of these and they are adding to the general detritus that is cluttering up our house, basement and loft.
I am encouraged only by the fact that I got them at the very best price – and will perhaps one day find a use for them. I mean who knows when I will need a six pack of silver plated menorahs.
I go to Costco every two weeks and finish up with a trunk – and a back seat - stuffed full of the essentials of life.
This seems to be mainly cat food, wine, chocolate, nuts and chicken stock. Of course to this can now be added wild bird seed. If I fill the containers in the morning the air is soon thick with birds and the bloody things are empty by the evening.
The chicken stock is because it is the main ingredient in a whole bunch of winter things that I make – such as hotpots and stews.
We now need masses of chocolate and nuts because Cate has given up carbohydrates and is using these as a substitute. She will not tell me which book she got this advice from – but it is certainly my kind of diet.
I have just booked to see a dance company called Motionhouse at the end of March. There is only one review on Ticketmaster – from a man who says it was the worst thing he had ever seen and thank God it only lasted an hour.  
I think he is a curmudgeon who was having a really bad day. Perhaps he had just spent some hours in Indiana Power and Light trying to get a connection.  

I have read reviews from all over the world and am confident it will be a cracking performance.


  1. I'm fascinated by the nuts-with-chocolate diet, which sounds tasty.

    Have forgotten the name of my own low-carb regimen since I've come to think of it as the 'help yourself to stuff guys like anyway' diet. I don't think I've lost very many pounds, but am very happy and sleep the sleep of the satisfied.

    And yes, aren't reviews peculiar?

  2. feuillet: The diet is very tasty indeed - but not useful for losing weight.