Thursday, March 6, 2014

I hope she straightens up

There was another massacre in Indy last night and four policemen were shot. Home invasions are on the increase and we either have to send Monika and Sissi to Attack Cat training - or get a gun.
There are lots of guns stores in Indianapolis but we first saw the inside of one a week or so ago. It was called Gander Mountain and it has the most fabulous array of guns and hunting clobber that I have ever seen.
It has everything anyone could possibly need to kill anything at all – including – I suspect – elephants. I really liked the camouflage outfits because these would enable me to get close enough to our birds to take photos.
I really wanted to buy a gun – just a small one - but Cate made me buy slippers instead. These will be no match for home invaders.  The slippers are fine – but I wore them in the snow and they shrank a bit.
There is a story in the Indy Star today about a Vietnam veteran who lost both legs and can no longer hunt unless people carry him to hides where he can lie in wait for his quarry.

A group of people have come to his rescue and have bought him an all terrain tractor thingy that he can use to more actively pursue turkeys. Turkeys?
Who TF would want to shoot a turkey?
Surely it would be easier and cheaper to get them from Costco.
I assumed that President Obama was responsible for Putin’s invasion of Crimea – but checked in with Fox to make sure. Sure he has his finger in that pie – but apparently the main culprit is Hillary Clinton - and it has something to do with Benghazi. I just knew she could not be trusted.

I hope she straightens up when she is President.


  1. Fox is banned in our house. For ever.

  2. 007 slipper? ;-)

    Wild Turkey tastes way better than the hormone-fed, oversized-breasts turkey in the supermarket.

  3. There is quite a lot of shooting home invaders here in Metro Detroit, but I am not sure where they purchase their guns and slippers. Most of the guys I know go to Cabela's, it is the cat's ass. (That means the best).

  4. That is an interesting all terrain vehicle. Maybe it's design will inspire other cyborgs for good besides finding turkeys. I wonder how many turkeys he would have to hunt in the wild to justify the cost savings versus buying a turkey at the groc store. I am guessing 3,527.

  5. I found out that the hunter's name is Jesus Quintana, but when I searched by that name alone it brings up a fictional character from the movie The Big Lebowski.

  6. Alexia: I just love it. It gives me so many LOL moments.

    Merisi: Perhaps I should try it. There is probably a shop that sells game.

    fmcgmccllc: We have ons of those in Indiana. I must visit it.

    esb: That seems like the right number. The Jesus scene in The Big Lebowski is a classic piece of cinema. I watched it again on youtube.