Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Don't bother answering that

On Saturday I dragged Cate to the Indianapolis Flower and Patio show. We are looking for ideas for our garden – well it is not really a garden – just a loosely connected series of  tufts of grass and piles of mud. With the few bits and pieces we planted last year. 
It was actually not too bad until the lawn man applied weed and feed last spring. This killed all the weeds and left hundreds of gaping holes.
The part between the back patio and the garage is so bad we call it the Somme.
Cate is not good at things like the Flower and Patio show. But we did get some ideas for replacing our back patio - which was built only fairly recently – but by a carpenter who had few skills – and may have been short sighted – and perhaps one armed.
But what we did see were people selling things called ‘Sugar Bears’. These look familiar – I said to myself. They are in fact native Australian marsupials called Sugar Gliders. 
They are nocturnal – and the man was telling the onlookers how they could be trained to stay awake during the day. WTF!
They are kept in cages. There is not a lot of gliding you can do in a cage.
We were of course outraged and Cate wanted to write to someone – but then found out that it is in fact legal to have them as pets in the USA and even some States in Australia.

Is there nothing – NOTHING - that people will not to do make a buck? Don’t bother answering that. 


  1. You can teLL Cate that they are the perfect pet, its even the first part of their scientific classification: Petaurus breviceps

  2. esb: The cats would love one of those.

  3. Well I think it's atrocious! and that's all I can think of TO say! :(

  4. Why would you want a glider that cannot glide? Oh, they are not letting on about the gliding. Rat f@ck@rs is what they are, nasty people.

  5. Fmcgmccllc: thank you so much for that word. It is the perfect description.