Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You can just imagine the scene

I got my new driver’s license.

It was issued on 28 May 2013 and expires on 27 June 2013. Fabulous – one month of driving. Somehow this did not surprise me so I went back to the BMV and asked them if there was any particular reason my license was only for one month.

They could not come up with one and after much discussion decided that it must have been change by Homeland Security.

Homeland Security?

I am not making this up.

Homeland Security must have very little to do if they are concerned with restricting Badger’s ability to drive in the USA.

You can just imagine the scene in Homeland Security…..

Hey Frank – remember how much fun we had when Badger tried to get his power connected?

Oh yeah! That was great leaving him sitting there for 3 hours with no one at the counter. It was almost as much fun as when we gave him an extra name at social security.

Well now he wants a driver’s license!

Fabulous – give him one for a month so he has to drag his sorry ass back to the BMV again. And then we’ll have some real fun when he tries to register his motor veeehickles.

I mean – really.

The BMV could find no way around the problem and suggested that I start the process again and apply for a new license.

No - I am not making this up.

So tomorrow I am dragging my sorry ass off to the BMV again to re-start the process. Fortunately they have a whole room full of sad bastard’s chairs.


  1. Bizarre. Pure Biz are ed ness way of doing their business. It reminds me of a phone call of just this past morning. My wife caLLs me up to say that she forgot to renew her vocational license with the state of Texas and was 5 days late and it cost her an eXtra $15. I told her that just the day before I had paid $20 to renew my vocational license and I had done it a month early. I told her jokingly that she should ask them for time averaging our payments. She gets no sympathy from me though, as I had reminded her about it more than ten days ago, and it is rather easy to do the renewal payment on their website.

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  3. Sheesh! So sorry our Red Tape experts are giving you so much grief. It's outrageous. Grrr!

  4. Yepper, for sure you are in Indiana. I can't explain it, it just is. Or it is just another way to get the money twice, at least you should not have to take the actual driving part of the test again.

  5. Thank goodness I am in the office by myself this morning because I just laughed out loud at what you are going through. I wasn't trying to be mean but I cannot believe all that you have had to go through !! Who issues a licence for one month ???????
    Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Worse things happen at sea ..... ;-)

    Roads plastered with banana peels, a very high probability when moving across borders, especially continents.

    I recommend a short shopping trip to an American supermarket, next time you hit a roadblock: Watching the clerk pack your groceries will fill you with wonder, chasing away the nightmares you experienced when the Austrian clerks let you sweat, watching YOU pack:
    I love Lucy - Packing chocolates

  7. lol! well what do you expect from a country that has had actors as Presidents?

  8. esb: Ah if only I could do the license on the website.

    SK Waller: It's OK - I am prepared to struggle thru it for the privilege of living here.

    fmcgmccllc: I would prefer they doubled the fee and just did it once.

    Me: Until this I could never have imagine ANYONE issuing a license for a month.

    Merisi: Yes it is nice to have your groceries packed.

    Simon: I did expect better from President Obama.