Monday, June 10, 2013

The cats are as happy as clams

There were 431 cartons. Some small  - some very large.

We have emptied about half of them. 

We are having a struggle as there does not appear to be as much cupboard space as there was in Vienna. Fortunately we have a loft and a very large basement – and much is being consigned to these two areas.

Today I walked from my study to the basement – two flights of stairs – 27 times.

I also schlepped some things upstairs to the TV room and did some schlepping to the living room.

My study is now useable which makes me a bit more settled. I can now starting sorting through the masses of papery files and stuff I have accumulated during the last five weeks.

I know I have to do some important things with some of these bits of paper and hope I can remember exactly what.

Sissi yowled on the way here but it was only for half an hour. Monika remained very quiet.

They have settled in very quickly and are as happy as clams. There are lots of places for them to explore and they particularly like the basement.

This is a very old house and the almost all the floors slope one way or another.

In my study the floor slopes towards the bathroom and I have to use my left foot to anchor me when I am using the computer so that I don’t end up in the shower.


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  2. I'll try it again ...

    You've got to love those sloping floors. Makes it much easier to do the Tom Cruise slide from "Risky Business".

  3. I think a house with slopiness is probably pprefferrabble to one with sloppiness.

    We just got home from Albuquerque so Cooper cry-whines every time I go out the front door for anything. Then I reminded him that he can look out the front window to watch me unload the vehicle. So he is approaching the happiness of the clam, too.

  4. rockygrace: It makes it easier to get into the toilet too.

    esb: Our cats are also enjoying looking at the big outdoors. It is a change from the Vienna skyline.