Monday, June 17, 2013

The cat poo arrived in good condition

Well I have been busy so have neglected my blogging.

We have opened many boxes. We have discovered that there is not as much storage space in this house as there was in the apartment in Vienna. So the basement and loft are both filling up.

As each new box is opened there are groans of ‘oh no! I had forgotten about this’ and then there is a conference about whether it should go in the loft or the basement.

Some things we are not keeping.

The small carefully wrapped container containing cat poo has been consigned to the trash (I am learning to say trash instead of rubbish). We were surprised that this arrived in such good condition (all things considered) but were not tempted to keep it.

Naturally none of our electrical gear works properly - as they have a different voltage to that in Australia and Europe. It is theoretically possible to use voltage converters but these are each the size of VW kombi vans and are simply not practical.

So we have to buy all new stuff – but fortunately get an allowance for this.

I have had some issues with all the appliances in the house. All of these are new and are totally unfamiliar so before I can do anything I have to study the user manuals. But – and here is the good news – they are in English so I can actually read them.

Understanding them is another matter but I have managed to get the ice maker and the singing washing machine to work - after a fashion. The singing washing machine has a steam cycle but I have not gotten to that chapter yet so am just washing  the clothes in water.

And I have found both my cameras so photos cannot be too far away.


  1. 'singing' washing machine? That is a new one for me. I consider the transported contraband poo as a sign of weakness of Homeland Insecurity Department.

  2. I'm with esbboston. (And bringing catpoo into Oz or NZ would surely be agin the law...)

  3. Steam cycle is great - no more ironing wrinkled clothing! ;-)

    There are usually regularly scheduled pickups by Goodwill or other charities. I miss that. It helps a lot in decision making, to know things can be of real use somewhere else.

  4. So glad to hear that the manuals are in English - that definitely is a bonus ! A singing washing machine ? Not sure I have heard one of those before - does it sing pop songs ????
    Transporting cat poo ???? Very strange.
    Have the best day !

  5. How do you get manuals in English? All the ones I get are in Spanish, Chinese, and French.

  6. I remember one time my mom opened a huge carton to find nothing in it but wire hangers from the dry cleaning. The movers are told to pack and pack they do.

  7. esb: They did no find our other contraband either.

    head in the sun: The packers were to quick for me

    Merricks: I am lucky to get away with it

    Merisi: I think we will have quite a bit for Goodwill before we leave

    Me: It just does jingles...but without words

    SK Waller: Oh yes there is always Spanish - but it is better than German.

    fmcgmccllc: Yes they left nothing behind at all ...even an ancient rusted relic of a table that was on the terrace when we first arrived in Vienna.