Tuesday, February 26, 2013

iPhones are slippery little devils

Stadtpark on Friday

Rozalin has worked her magic and the microwave men turned up yesterday morning to examine the problem. There are always two to do these sorts of things – and sometimes if it is a particularly difficult problem they send three.

They were – somewhat to my embarrassment – able to find a model number without dismembering the kitchen - so took a photo and have gone off to do whatever they do next. I am not expecting quick results but my glass pot stand works just fine so I am not in a hurry.

My next problem is Billy’ electrical fault but Rozalin is hot on the trail of that one and I will be able to go to Mercedes next week and get it fixed.

The snow has finally left us and I think that should be the last of it. I must admit that this winter has seemed particularly long and dark and I will not be unhappy to see Spring arrive.

With a bit of luck we may get some in Rome on the weekend.

Cate is back in Johannesburg after her weekend trip – but we are communicating only by email because her BlackBerry is not working and she lost her iPhone.

I would tell you how many iPhones she has lost – but it would embarrass her. She just cannot keep hold of the slippery little devils.


  1. Aww, you got yourself some Shemps.

  2. Perhaps you could recommend tethering?

    Events are hotting up in Rome - both political and religious elections taking place. We look forward to your balanced report!

  3. I think I forgot to teLL you how proud I was of your design build engine-new-ity for the microwave oven fix, weLL done. I have been studying Mozart after hearing a piece of msic on a special about Abraham Lincoln, and I thought to myself, hmmm, I wonder if that particular piece of music was written before or after Lincoln. It turned out that piece was one of Mozart's last, and then I researched to see how close he lived to your place in Vienna, cool.

  4. fmcgmccllc: Yes our very own!

    Annie: The I would lose Cate as well! I will give you a report after Rome.

    esb: Thanks. Mozart lived in 13 places in Vienna - and Beethoven lived in our street just down the road.

  5. Maybe Cate dislikes her iPhones as much as I do !! I can't wait for my contract to be up so that I can go back to Blackberry !!!
    We have only seen the sun once here (on Saturday) in the past forever - it's so horrible !!!
    Have an amazing week and bring on Spring !!!

  6. Love the photo with that splash of colour.
    When I worked at a police station, I used to think iphones were the most lost or stolen object on the planet!

  7. Me: No Cate loves her iPhone and misses it terribly - but another one is on the way.

    Sandy: Thanks. Did people actually bother to report that their iPhone was stolen. You must have been busy