Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The big day is nigh

Stadtpark today

Tomorrow is a big day here. Our new sofa and hocker are being delivered.  

A hocker is a sort of sofa but without a back and you can jiggle it about to extend the sofa so that if you have a mind to it you can stretch out full length.

I have plans to do this while watching golf and cricket.

Now at this stage Cate is looking forward immensely to the delivery of the sofa and hocker – and indeed we have been waiting a long time for this – as I moaned about in this blog. We thought it was never going to happen and Cate got Rozalin onto the job - with an almost immediate outcome. 

I am just hoping there are no obvious flaws so that it does not immediately become yesterday’s sofa – and that the inevitable just happens over a period of some months – gradually – almost imperceptibly.

Cate will look up from her iPad one day and say something like ‘This sofa is not as comfortable as I thought it would be’ or ‘It’s funny but I thought the backs were higher than they are’.

This will elicit from me an immediate flurry of comforting and reassuring words saying that it is the most comfortable sofa I have ever parked my posterior on  - and the backs are the perfect height etc. -  but deep inside I will know that the game is up.

I know that before long I will be wandering aimlessly through furniture stores – practicing my thousand yard stare – recognizing the utter futility of it all – and worst of all – knowing that this will go on years.

However – being the glass half full person as I am – I plan to rejoice in the delivery and immerse myself in the furniture with gusto.

Who knows what will happen – the Rapture is due any day now so there is no point in worrying about next week.

(In fact I am damned sure I read somewhere that 2012 was definitely our last year – something to day with the Mayan calendar? Hasn’t penetrated to Austria – I bought a 2013 wall calendar only last week). 


  1. I am so glad to hear about the calendar. We just went to the city offices to get something notarized and could only get a 2012 calendar.

  2. Had no idea those were called hockers. The things I learn here...


  3. I love your predicting of the future, complete with the conversations. I bet the Mayans were not capable f doing that. I have not made it back to the restaurant with the Guiness on tap but I did get a six pack at the groc store, which I have enjoyed, but I do like hard apple cider better than the Guiness. There were three kinds of Guiness at the store, so I wiLL try the others after I finish the Draught. The local supply of Bénédictine has been out of stock for several weeks so I have had to downgrade to B&B, terribly sad, I know, but what can I say, I am at the mercy of the French. Or at least their distributors of aLL thing Frankishly to the Americas. I wiLL blame this on the Venezuelan elections and the civil unrest in Iran for no particular reason.

  4. In our household that hocker would be called an ottoman. Then again, what do I know?

    Good luck!

  5. fmcgmccllc: They might be worried about the world ending!

    SK Waller: Anyone else would call it an ottoman (See Merisi's comment).

    esb: I find the black stuff interesting - but not compelling. I am happy with a wee drop of Jammies.

    Merisi: That's what we call them too!

  6. Are you sure "hocker" isn't something you made up?