Monday, October 1, 2012

Bless you my son

My son Lenny and his wife Lenette visited us recently and were appalled at the state of our larder.

They could not find (with only one exception) the staples of life to which we have become accustomed in Australia but which – alas – are not to be found elsewhere.

The only exception I can think of is Vegemite – which is available here – albeit in very small jars – at Bobby’s.

Bobby’s also has some staples without which life would be unbearable – including porridge which does not seem to be available anywhere in Vienna.

However – when Lenny arrived back in Australia – and being conscious of our parlous state – he immediately put together a food parcel - which arrived today.

It contained a number of precious items without which we have existed now for four years. These will not mean much to you - but to us they are the staff of life.

The delicacies included

Salada crackers
Sao biscuits
Shredded Wheatmeal biscuits
Chocolate Monte biscuits (Bliss!)
Freddo frogs (Rapture!)

Plus a few other goodies scattered throughout the parcel – which produced shouts of joy when they were discovered.

Now we need to husband these treats - so we will not have major blowout and stuff ourselves stupid. I will draw up a roster so that we can eke out this festival of gourmet delights for as long as possible.

Apart from the Freddo frogs. These are much to valuable to be eaten willy-nilly.

There are 16 so if we are careful we can have one each on Christmas day and at Easter for the next 4 years.


  1. In Vienna, time lingers, but every now and then it stretches and yawns, sticky like molasses, and if that wad of endless time gets too big to chew, it spits out a CARE parcels for those in dire straights, or so they say.

  2. Out of aLL the things I have no idea whatsoever they are, my favorite are the rapturous Freddo Frogs. The one thing I have a hard time not eating non-stop til gone are Strawberry Twizzlers. So I put them in a large zip lock bag in the pantry, out of sight, and then get a couple pieces. Okay, a couple is now three. Or four. But never five. I am now off to find out what Froggo Fred's are ... googlin' ....

  3. Merisi: Yeh - once in 4 years!

    esb: Strawberry Twizzlers sound good!

  4. Fabulous. But I wouldn't husband the Salada crackers or SAO biscuits too long. (I find they are apt to become inedible after long storage...)

  5. Merricks: I am already munching my way through them!