Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A reward for my patience

We discovered during online check in that Cate was in business class while I was in ‘wombat droppings’ class. This was not expected because Cate does not usually travel business class for shorter trips.

It pleased me because I immediately started constructing a blog post. Cate worried about this for a long time and finally – in the last queue to get onto the plane – she cracked and gave me her boarding pass.

Actually I think it was just a reward for my patience and fortitude while shopping with her – but in reality there is very little difference between business and WD classes except that in business class you get a meal prepared by Do & Co – and this is always good.

On Saturday night we saw Simon Callow in his one man show about Dickens – at the Playhouse Theatre.

I have been a fan of Simon Callow since the early 80s when he did a TV series ‘Chance in a Million’ with Brenda Blethyn (and I have never met anyone else who saw this).

He is a brilliant actor and his show – in which he performed roles from Dickens’s books – just as Dickens himself did in his ‘readings’ – was sensational.

It is a wonderful time of the year for Stadtpark and we had a burst of sunshine yesterday afternoon so I popped over to get some Autumn pictures.

I have put a few of these in Picasa on my blog.

Merisi is in America at the moment and is getting some terrific photos. 


  1. So immediately after I wake up I go over to read your blog. I read the veRy first sentence, then re-read it confused in my just awoke-ness, wondering, "What kind of class (educational) is he attending?!?!?" Because I know what a wombat is, weLL, at least I think I do.

  2. I've never flown in anything but wombat dropping class. Which name I love, by the way.

    After reading about Statdpark for three years I now want to come visit and see it for myself.

  3. So that's who Simon Callow is! He was fantastic in 'Shakespeare in Love', which is a great movie. I subject my senior students to it every year :)

  4. esb: It is an Australian construction.

    Wanderlust: Your room is ready.

    Alexia: He is a truly wonderful actor