Friday, August 17, 2012

Not much happens here

We are leaving for out trip to Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium tomorrow and while – as usual – it is my intention to blog – this may not happen.

I will have only my iPad which – while being a wonderful little piece of equipment – is not particularly good at blogging. And I rather doubt that many places we go will have Internet access.

However – I will do my best.

Before I go I have to report about an astonishing event in Vienna this week.

Firstly there is Dinner in the Sky. This apparently involves eating dinner while you are 50 metres in the air at the end of a crane. This sounds like a very bad idea - but apparently there are enough punters prepared to part with money to make it work. Why would you do this?

This sounds almost as good as Dining in the Dark which is the worst idea I have ever heard – but is a roaring success – proving once again that I have no skills at determining what will or will not be popular. But – again – why would you do this?

The second thing is that we almost witnessed the Viennese event of the week when the Twin City Liner crashed into the banks of the Donau Canal.

We saw the aftermath of this near catastrophe as we cycled along the canal and had to thread our way through the swarms of fire engines and ambulances.

Extra police were need for crowd control as the Viennese flocked to see this amazing sight.

Not much happens here.


  1. Dinner in the dark? You guys know how to party!! :-)

  2. At least I have a good definition for "Not much" concerning you now.

    Do have a wonderful time cycling. I have been through two rough long days of instaLLation with a myriad of problems, a few were quite entertaining even in the midst of the maelstrom. I am at the end of the week seeking proper liquid-ity while cooking some chicken. When the Mrs comes home she is going to make chicken tetrazinni. Mmmmm..... earlier today I had a question for you while I was on the road but now it has completely skipped out of my little brain. I wiLL blame it on Friday-itis.

  3. I couldn't do the dinner in the sky thing - not for all the diamonds in South Africa !!!! I don't do heights very well and on our recent holiday spent a fair bit of time lying down in the car when we were travelling up and down the mountains !!
    Have a great cycling holiday.