Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It will not be my fault

Netherlands 2011

Moving on from the Olympics – we are now preparing for our next trip. This is our annual bike ride and on this occasion is accompanied by a trip to Ireland with Gwenyth and PK.

We go to Ireland at the end of next week – and here’s the good bit – I am not responsible for anything!

I usually do all the travel and accommodation arrangements and am therefore held accountable for the inevitable cock ups which occur.

For the trip to Ireland Gwenyth has done everything - so if we end up in some rat infested hovel - scraping bugs off our festering bodes - then we know exactly who to blame.

In fact – we don’t know anything about what is happening except that Gwenyth and PK are picking us up at Shannon airport. It’s very exciting.

After that we go aboard the Miro for a bike and boat trip in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Last year we had significant problems in the Netherlands as we trailed after our group leader who pedaled like the hounds of hell were after her. 

This year we are doing a self guided tour and can proceed at our own pace.

This means – of course – that we well spend a lot of time being lost – as we did in Italy – but I believe that there are many bars and restaurants in the countries we are visiting - so we should be OK.


  1. I am going to do eXactly the same vacation soon, eXcept I am going to South Dakota, and I wiLL use a Ford F-350 4x4 instead of a bicycle. I am hoping there isn't much snow.

  2. My brothers were in town last week and I took them to the Joan Miro gallery - they loved it.

    Have fun, and if you can rent a dog called Timmy as well, then you can pretend that you're Julian, Dick, Anne and George as you're pedalling through the countryside. Just don't forget the lashings of ginger beer.

  3. esb: We should have much the same experiences and can compare notes later.

    nzm: We were planning on lashings of Jameson!