Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If smoking was an Olympic sport

In response to Sandy’s question about the Kiwis – they are the clear winners with 2.9 medals per 1m of population.

And in the final (promise) word about the Olympics – Austria is having a shakeup after failing to win a medal for the first time in half a century. I think they are overreacting.

They came 5th on medal table in the 2010 Winter Olympics and a country this size can’t be expected to be good at both summer and winter sports.

Of course if they made smoking an Olympic sport Austria would be a certain medalist and could well take Gold, Silver and Bronze in the ‘smoking in restaurants’ category.

Oh and I found Tahini – there was a large unopened jar in our kitchen cupboard. Cate had bought it some time ago and I had forgotten about it. I also know now where to buy it – and – as predicted – it is available in Merisi’s local Spar and indeed in SK Waller’s Walmart.

But I had forgotten about the big health food store on Landstrassser Hauptstrasse where they have all sorts of wonderful things.

Sissi and Monika wanted me to share this story with you. It’s about and Austrian farmer who wanted to shoot his cat but shot himself instead.

This is about average for Austrians - who appear to be immensely inept when it comes to firearms, tractors, roofs and trams. 


  1. I read in one of the free newspapers that of the funds available for sports promotions less than 20% (of taxpayer money) reaches potential athletes.

    No surprise here, reading about all those latest money grabbing scandals. There is a whole class of people around that manages to syphon off more money in a day than others will see in a lifetime of work. No money, though, for young people or investments in their future, be it academics or sports.

  2. After reading your news link about the cat, I found another cat story in the same news service.

    Austrian Cat Stolen

  3. I think GB has only won about two Golds at the Winter Olympics EVER!! And it will be long long time until we come close to repeating 2012's success that is for sure.

  4. "Which is 'The World's Most Liveable City'? The Economist Intelligence Unit just named Melbourne #1 for 2012, with Vancouver now at #3 - after Vienna. (For the report see )" So you're living in the 2nd most Liveable City Badger. Good news for you.

    I love to hear about the Karma bus hitting another idiot. Thanks. Also for answering my NZ question. :)

  5. Merisi: I think most countries are the same - corruption is everywhere.

    esb: There is so much going on it's hard to keep up

    Glen: Well there are not many mountains in GB

    Sandy: Disappointing that we are only #2. They are probably right about Melbourne.