Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Room with a view

Well we were almost on our way to Dubai but we arrived at the airport to find that our flight had been cancelled 10 minutes previously because of a ‘crew shortage’. Brilliant.

After a great deal of farnarkling we were offered a flight via Bucharest on Duckair or a flight via Rome on Austrian and Emirates. We accepted the later and then the miracle occurred. Cate had already been booked on an Emirates flight that left a couple of hours after our original flight.

Holy Toledo it is hot here. I have spent the last two days messing about while Cate deals with some business issues and today we are getting out and about.

Raffles hotel is fabulous and we have a room with a view of the Wafi Mall car park.

No photos yet but will take some over the next two days.


  1. Oooh, Wafi! That looks interesting.

  2. My iPhone has been telling me that you're not going to like it there. Perhaps you can crawl inside a massive gin and tonic? But what will the Austrian cats think about it?

  3. It must feel like you're on another planet.

  4. That 'farnarkling' sounds painful but obviously had the desired effect. Enjoy the heat.

  5. esb: Did not get to the Wafi - but is a smaller version of the Dubai Mall.

    Annie: I don't think we will need to worry about the Austrian cats. It's too hot for all life forms in Dubai.

    Smedette: Exactly

    Sandy: We enjoyed the heat from our air conditioned room.