Saturday, May 19, 2012

Because I am going deaf as well

So the person who sent me the mouse mat has not disclosed their identity.

Of course it could be that they sent the mouse mat assuming I would know who it was from – and send them a thank you. They may not read my blog and realise that I do not know who it was from.

Of course I am now racked with guilt because I have received a present which I have not acknowledged. This will make me fret for weeks.

Or maybe they wish to be anonymous.

Anyway I was asked for a picture of my new watch so here it is.

I have never been a watch aficionado. For me watches are things that you have on your wrist so that you can tell the time. I do not – for example – understand Rolex watches. I could never comprehend why someone would pay so much for a watch.

In fact I have never paid more than €100 for a watch in my life. The last one we bought for me – on Cate’s birthday trip to Denmark – was a Skagen.

It was not a success because it is so hard to read but it was just the thought of having a Skagen watch that attracted me. It cost €100.

The one before that was a Pierre Cardin (?) watch bought in Australia at an airport for $100 about 7 years ago. Now why would anyone buy a Pierre Cardin watch? Well – it looked nice – and was not expensive.

But after all this time there are bits and pieces falling off the hour hands so it was time to upgrade and I thought – for the first time in my life – given that I have reached such a vast age – I would like a nice Swiss watch.

In the Dubai Mall – which is the largest mall in the world – there are more watch shops than I have ever seen before – including shops selling brands of which I have never previously heard.  I bet – for example – that you have never heard of a watch brand called Glashütte.

We ventured into this store – briefly – and were shown a nice little watch for €9,000 – I think this was their cheapest.

So eventually we staggered into Baume and Mercier (established 1830) and found a modest but beautiful little classic watch at a very affordable price.

The first time we went in there the young lady (in full Abaya) said that they were was no discount on the watch I wanted. We went back after Cate did some shopping and there was a man there and Cate got a €200 discount on the same watch.

So I finally have my genuine Swiss watch with which I am well pleased. It has a large face which – with my failing eyesight – is most useful. My next watch will have to be one that shouts the time at me – because I am going deaf as well.


  1. I HEAR YOU BADGER! (that was for your failing hearing). I have been buying very cheap watches from Discount stores for years. No doubt keeping the Chinese employed because like you, don't understand why you'd want a hugely expensive watch; not that I could afford one anyway. My cheap watches have kept good time and it's the band that wears out first.

  2. I found a Seiko watch and decided to buy it even though it cost $250 a long time ago, maybe twenty years. It had a titanium finish and a simple design face. Then my friend Todd found it on sale for half off, brand new. But I didn't buy another one, and when it finaLLy started to degrade physicaLLy several years later I wasn't able to find an eXact same watch, so I stopped wearing a watch on a permanent basis. I think the model number of the Seiko watch was SBB144, but I never found one even on places like eBay. It sits quietly in my closet in the dark.

  3. I am not an expensive watch person. My dad had a Rolex, which he gave to my older brother. When dad "was not right in the head" my mother bought him an identical Rolex (to give to my younger brother). Dad opened it and said, "You found my watch". Mom promptly gave the younger brother the watch and my older brother has never worn his.

  4. i like your watch, very classy!

    in high school, i wore a nice leather strapped watch w/ a moon & sun that changed w/ the night/day. later, i splurged on a beautiful bracelet watch that i had for years, until it died its final death. and i can't find another one that compares to that one (in my price range) so i don't wear a watch anymore. i still miss it! even tho i always have my cell, it's just not the same.

  5. Jim has a great (cheap) watch but he can't hear its alarm. So I have to be around to let him know when it's going off!

    Yours looks very classy, I agree with CarrieMarie, above.

  6. Sandy: I am pondering that if I was REALLY rich would I buy a really ritzy watch? Not so sure on that I will wait to it happens.

    esb: I would think that a man as busy as you would need to know the time all the time?

    fmcgmccllc: Well it is probably appreciating in value. There is quite a market for very good old watches.

  7. CarruieMarie: I guess there are not too many people who do not have cell phone with a clock - but they seem to be selling more watches then ever.

    Annie: Why does he need an alarm?
    Red Wine O'Clock?

  8. Badger, you know that we bake bread and prepare all sorts of other healthy foods and beverages. Time is of the essence!