Friday, May 4, 2012

Justice has been served

They do have cushions but love the table

I hasten to add that of course the cats can get out onto the terrace when we are away so they are not stuck in the house. Indeed in the warm weather they spend most of their time outside  basking in the sun and admiring Stephansdom.

Now there is of course a problem with Monika who cannot use the cat door (as I have tediously enunciated previously) and will probably never learn – so I think I will leave it open and hope we do not get any really bad weather.

Otherwise she looks morose when Sissi goes outside and lies in the sun and she has to make do with shredding the rug.

And Schladming has been cancelled. Cate has to go to India to deal with some issues on the sub-continent and is leaving on the Sunday – which would leave us hardly any time at all to gambol – so we will schedule it for another weekend.

And I am pleased to report that justice has been served and that Cate has been fined for speeding on our trip to Salzburg. Which is crazy because she was caught doing 121 kph in a 100kph zone – which almost everyone does – so the speeding fines in Austria must be the biggest source of government revenue.

However I am still well in front – but am being much more careful of late. 


  1. I was just looking at photos of Schladming. I found an interesting picture of a huge city map drawn on the outside of a building. WeLL, I must make coffee now and attend to a demanding Cooper.

  2. What if there were cushions on the table? Would they explode with happiness?

  3. With NanU on this one. I think you need to step up your game. x

  4. Oh, I forgot to ask, have you put up some new photos lately?

  5. esb: This seems to be a traditional Austrian thing. There are maps of old districts all over walls in Vienna. Opposite us there is a map of our district in the 17th century.

    NanU: They are not very emotional!

    Wanderlust: They are the best look after cats in Vienna !! Cushions on the table indeed.

    esb: No nothing recently. I ma do a thing for Paris at the end of next week.

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  7. Badger: just to add to my Dubai recommendations.

    Jump in a cab and ask to go to the Lime Tree Cafe on the Jumeirah Beach Road.

    A touch of Antipodes. Run by kiwis, but the food will be familiar to you if you're looking for some nostalgia!

    Great for breakfast, lunch or a coffee break.

  8. nzm: thanks -we will ave a look