Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What will they think of next?

Schloss Halbturn

I got a nice surprise this week when I discovered that I can now get BBC on my SKY box.

I used to have BBC 24 hour news but this vanished some time ago - and now it is back together with BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4.

BBC has some good TV so I may now be able to watch something.

The only way I can do this at present is by recording a program and zapping the ads. This is tedious beyond belief – but I refuse to watch cable TV – for which I pay – and then be bombarded with ads for English products which I cannot buy.

I make an exception for Golf – but I watch that without sound. You would understand why I do this if you heard the commentators wittering and yammering.

Merisi told me about this fabulous site Pinterest where you can steal photos from anyone you like and post them on your own board. Its fabulous. Have a look at how many photos have been stolen from Merisi's Vienna for Beginners

What will they think of next?


  1. I have very little tolerance for television advertising, which probably explains why I watch most things on Netflix.

    Also, being an election year, the airwaves are BOMBARDED with political ads. It is so, so depressing.

  2. Ah technology. Something I don't understand, in the main. I could never get Channel 9 only the regional station but now, without doing anything or buying anything, I get both! That's the technology I like.
    Thanks for telling us about Pinterest. I had an email from them the other day which I deleted without reading so had no idea what it was about.

  3. smedette: Almost everything we watch comes from Amazon.

    Sandy: Two channel nines sounds like overkill