Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moscow is a different matter altogether

Cate is in Moscow this week and the cats and I are doing our usual thing.

I could - if I wanted to - go on some of these trips  - although I would be on my own because Cate is working both night and day – and I do occasionally go if it is somewhere new and exciting and we can tack a weekend on.

But Moscow is a grim place and not the most exciting spot to be in. It is also hard to get a visa and you have to go through the nonsense of being invited by someone and then jumping through hoops. 

Perhaps I have not seen Moscow at its best - but what I did see reflected the dead hand of communism – with some of the world’s most unattractive buildings – although the Seven Sisters and some other notable places are worth seeing.  

The Metro system also has some wonderful stations. The entrances and exits are clogged with drunks but if you can circumnavigate these there are some sights to see.

But because I speak no Russian – and as far as I can tell no Muscovites speak any English – it is just damned hard to get around and do things. Some of the food is unspeakably bad and of course every Muscovite smokes so it is difficult to escape this no matter where you are.

Saint Petersburg is very different and is one of the wonders of the world.  An absolute must see.


  1. I had never really thought about Moscow and St Petersburg being so different before now, I will have to see what the underlying reasons are, but I don't doubt you. I like Russian enough to be able to read most of the place names and know a few phrases. I bet it has something to do with the relative closeness to Europe and then St Petersburg's sudden grand "birth" and splendor, a museum attitude(?).

  2. When I went with Big Daddy on his travels, some places were "once is enough". I would like to see something of Russia one day but right now Scotland is in my sights for the next adventure.

  3. Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 could speak English - keep your eyes out for him

  4. Have you been to Saint Petersburg? How does Cate respond to accommodations arranged by duck pharma? This is nice!?

  5. esb: There is a different atmosphere in St P. It is not nearly as grim as Moscow.

    fmcgmccllc: We are thinking of Scotland for Christmas

    Glen; There are few who look like him in Moscow.

    I miss Macau: Yes we love St P. Cate has very good hotels when she travels.

  6. Perhaps, this is the root of the issue. She has very good hotels when she travels on biz trips.