Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It is a bit weird

I hate those new word verification thingies from Google (I have no idea what the correct name for them is). It says you have to prove you are not a robot.

It is now so damn difficult to post comments to blogs – sometimes I have to scroll through 4 or 5 before I can get one right.

So - not wishing to continue to put my readers through that - I removed the requirement from my blog a few weeks ago.

At least I hope I did.

So (I think) you can just post a comment and don’t have to do anything at all. Perhaps someone will tell me if that is true.

So anyway – I expected to be buried under a mountain of Spam – but this has not happened.

There have actually been a few Spam comments that I have seen in my email. (I have always got my blog comments by email so that I can remove Spam immediately).

But when I go to my blog to remove them - they are not there. Where do they go? Who removes them? Is there a special bog somewhere that collects all the Spam posted to all the blogs.

I hope it belongs to Rick Santorum.

I am not complaining about this – but it is a bit weird?

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?


  1. Not sure where your spam goes. (Perhaps there is a god, after all.) But what a kindness you have done us all in removing the verification requirement. One time it took me three goes to manage to read (and therefore write) the damned thing and when I swapped to sound it was even more incomprehensible..

  2. Yes, their is an otto-matic spam filtration system built into the blogger system. If you go into the Comments section between Posting and Settings tabs, it has Published comments, then Spam. This feature allows you to see spam just in case it really isn't spam, and then you could actually manually force a comment back out of spam.

    I hope they fix the word verification soon. I got too much spam without it being in place. Shame on the evil spam producers. I figure they must be orphans without a mother who would have told them not to do such a thing, or else their mother's were graffitti artists out tagging the infrastructure.

  3. just trying the comments out - yep! they work.

  4. I turned off word verification years ago, but use comment moderation on blog posts older than 2 days. Blogger's automatic spam detection is doing an excellent job, I have had no problems with spammers.

    I don't check my emails for comments (even though they dutifully arrive in my mailbox too), but look in the files of the dashboard's "comment" tab if there are any comments awaiting moderation.


    The comment moderation for blogs older than 2 days helps to make sure that I know about comments on older posts.

  5. They call it Captcha around here, hate it. I turned it off too, I get so few comments I thought spam might improve things. If it goes south I will do the moderate older comments.

  6. I might follow in your footsteps because I know how many times I have tried to type the word verification and got it wrong - moderation on posts older than 2 days is a good thing - will have to go looking to turn that on.

    Have a great day !

  7. There is not only CAPTCHA ("Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart"), but also reCAPTCHA. a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. The things one learns while blogging! ;-)

  8. I hope many spam-like undesired things belong to Rick Santorum.

  9. ah man those word verification things are mental - I get them wrong 7/10 times! I was the same as you when I removed mine - worried but then pleasantly suprised.

    The Spam filter does a great job and pretty much catches them all. It's frustrating seeing you have a comment only to see it's anonymous and spam - I always feel disapointed. They simply go into your spam box on your blogger dashboard in comments job done

  10. Well, on my behalf I can only confirm that there is no spam filter...but I take it that my fellow-commentators have already pointed that out to you...

  11. Well, on my behalf I can only confirm that there is no spam filter...but I take it that my fellow-commentators have already pointed that out to you...

  12. Jeez, I hope all the spammers are reading your comments. I too have the problem proving I'm not a robot because I apparently don't have the capacity to read overly blurred and convoluted lettering, but saw one the other day where all you had to do was answer 2 + 2 to prove you were human. Hopefully, they don't get harder; doubt I could answer 5 x 267 over 99.9 % minus sq root of 27.9 for instance.

  13. I loath them too. I almost cannot read them mate... get them wrong and then give up commenting...

  14. Merricks: My pleasure. I wish everyone would do it.

    esb: Yes now I see - thanks for the lesson.

    TNDW: Thanks

    Merisi: I think the spam filters are working really well

    fmcgmccllc: Yes I now know it is CAPTCHA

    Me: and you too.

    smedette: I can think of a number of things that would be useful

    Glen: Yes I am astonished by how good the spam filter is.

  15. David: Yes thanks

    Sandy: death to spammers

    Simon: Everyone has the same problem it seems.

  16. I like the duck photo