Friday, December 2, 2011

Gosh they are people just like the rest of us!

This is one of the best videos on the subject I have seen. It was produced by GetUp in Australia which does a lot of stuff with which I agree – and a few things with which I don’t.

This is particularly brilliant and wonderful - and I happen to be quite passionate about gay rights.

A vote for same-sex marriage will come before the Australian Parliament next year and this will finally give Australia the opportunity to  recognise the fundamental human rights of gays and lesbians.

Gosh they are people just like the rest of us!

And Oh Please let’s stop this bullshit about the bible says that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

The bible is a collection of ancient texts written by who knows who thousands of years ago and altered and amended and added to and subtracted from and altered and mistranslated and reinterpreted a million different ways and those who read and take notice of it take the bits out of it that they choose to and ignore the rest.

Marriage has nothing to do with religion – it is a civil ceremony recognised by the state.

Let's leave religion out of it. 


  1. Stands and applauds. Hear, hear! Why is it that we have to keep restating the obvious? People are people. Love is love. Rights are rights. Full stop.

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  3. Well said. I wish the backwoods Bible thumpers here had your common sense.

    I wrote a related post here:

  4. I dunno what it is, but something about this issue sticks in my craw.
    I'm finding it difficult to bring into focus exactly what it is that doesn't sit right.
    In my opinion you should be able to marry whomever you choose.
    And the gay bit doesn't even register on my radar - it just 'is'.
    And it's not that I have anything against the idea of marriage.
    Maybe it's coz my natural reaction to being told I can't have something I want - is to stick my fingers up and say FU - I'm doing my own thing -if you don't want me, I don't want you!
    How that translates I'm not quite sure - more thought is required.
    If someone can see what my brain is thinking - could you let me know!
    (and I'm not very keen on the ad - it's kinda cheesy).
    Maybe I just feel embarrassed for the human race that this is an issue.

  5. Oh hang on - I think I've got it!
    "Unless you take me as I am and afford me my rights just because it's the right thing to do, you can stick it - I ain't begging".

  6. Wanderlust: We have to keep for it because so many are fighting against it - and always will - because their god talks to them and tell them to. Just as he did to George Bush - and look where that got us.

    esb: as in hark the herald angles sing
    they sing for the Aussie gays in spring

    Christine: YOU! I cannot believe you were in Bavaria and did not visit me. I may never forgive - if not for the fact that you have NJ connections and can have me whacked at will.

    I am afraid that the bible always trumps common sense.

    freefalling: Yes it's a cheesy ad. And isn't it pathetic that we have to run it in Australia in 2011 because we are under the thumb of the religious right that wants to deny natural justice and human rights to fellow humans because of religious bullshit.

  7. Totally agree with you - who you marry shouldn't be any business of the government. And really, this is just another one of the stupid laws that exist because of some stuck up polly in Canberra !

  8. This is an awesome video - thanks, Badger.

    This is a subject close to my heart, so I can speak with some personal experience here. ;.)

    I live in Spain where marriages for gay couples is treated in just the same way as marriages for heterosexual couples, except that a gay couple does not get the choice of a church wedding - they must get married in a Civil Registry Office. (The Civil Registry Office is a choice for a lot of non-gay couples too - Spain isn't as religious as most people think. The church is still "remembered" for its support of Franco.)

    After living here for 2 years, my partner Jen and I decided to take advantage of Spain's laws and get married.

    I hadn't realised what a big deal it would be until I was able to make the choice. Until then, I was of the opinion that no ceremony or a piece of paper could make me feel closer to Jen, nor commit to her more than I already was.

    When we told our friends what we were doing and the date of our wedding, they invited themselves down to Barcelona for the event. We had 13 different nationalities and 30 people with us to share the day. We received the identical paperwork to non-gay couples – including the “Family Book” which, in Spain, is a book in which all family members’ details are entered into – should we decide to have children!

    Standing in front of the judge to say "I do", was one of the most emotional times of my life - exchanging rings with Jen and surrounded by happy and supportive friends and family. Feb 25th 2011 was a magical day. We still can't get used to calling each other "wife"! ;.)

    I posted this video to my Facebook page the other day, and several friends shared it on their walls. Sadly for some of them, it brought out the bigoted bible-thumpers and led to some heated conversations - possibly resulting in friendships that will never be the same.

    All I know is that no God of mine will ever give me the right to judge others for the way in which they live - and who they love.


  9. A friend whom I admire immensely always makes me feel happy for him when he mentions his husband. I could not think of any reason in the world why he should not have been able to marry, just like everybody else who so desires.

  10. Me: I think there are quite a few of them.

    SK Waller: The least I can do.

    nzm: Lovely: Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Merisi: Exactly

  11. I actually thought that was a great video. I didn't watch it the other day when I commented (slow connection), but glad I did now.